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    Merge branch 'as/check-ignore' · a39b15b4
    Junio C Hamano authored
    Add a new command "git check-ignore" for debugging .gitignore
    The variable names may want to get cleaned up but that can be done
    * as/check-ignore:
      clean.c, ls-files.c: respect encapsulation of exclude_list_groups
      t0008: avoid brace expansion
      add git-check-ignore sub-command
      setup.c: document get_pathspec()
      add.c: extract new die_if_path_beyond_symlink() for reuse
      add.c: extract check_path_for_gitlink() from treat_gitlinks() for reuse
      pathspec.c: rename newly public functions for clarity
      add.c: move pathspec matchers into new pathspec.c for reuse
      add.c: remove unused argument from validate_pathspec()
      dir.c: improve docs for match_pathspec() and match_pathspec_depth()
      dir.c: provide clear_directory() for reclaiming dir_struct memory
      dir.c: keep track of where patterns came from
      dir.c: use a single struct exclude_list per source of excludes
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