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    Merge branch 'bp/fsmonitor' · e05336bd
    Junio C Hamano authored
    We learned to talk to watchman to speed up "git status" and other
    operations that need to see which paths have been modified.
    * bp/fsmonitor:
      fsmonitor: preserve utf8 filenames in fsmonitor-watchman log
      fsmonitor: read entirety of watchman output
      fsmonitor: MINGW support for watchman integration
      fsmonitor: add a performance test
      fsmonitor: add a sample integration script for Watchman
      fsmonitor: add test cases for fsmonitor extension
      split-index: disable the fsmonitor extension when running the split index test
      fsmonitor: add a test tool to dump the index extension
      update-index: add fsmonitor support to update-index
      ls-files: Add support in ls-files to display the fsmonitor valid bit
      fsmonitor: add documentation for the fsmonitor extension.
      fsmonitor: teach git to optionally utilize a file system monitor to speed up detecting new or changed files.
      update-index: add a new --force-write-index option
      preload-index: add override to enable testing preload-index
      bswap: add 64 bit endianness helper get_be64
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