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    Merge branch 'pw/sequencer-in-process-commit' · 0f57f731
    Junio C Hamano authored
    The sequencer infrastructure is shared across "git cherry-pick",
    "git rebase -i", etc., and has always spawned "git commit" when it
    needs to create a commit.  It has been taught to do so internally,
    when able, by reusing the codepath "git commit" itself uses, which
    gives performance boost for a few tens of percents in some sample
    * pw/sequencer-in-process-commit:
      sequencer: run 'prepare-commit-msg' hook
      t7505: add tests for cherry-pick and rebase -i/-p
      t7505: style fixes
      sequencer: assign only free()able strings to gpg_sign
      sequencer: improve config handling
      sequencer: try to commit without forking 'git commit'
      sequencer: load commit related config
      sequencer: simplify adding Signed-off-by: trailer
      commit: move print_commit_summary() to libgit
      commit: move post-rewrite code to libgit
      Add a function to update HEAD after creating a commit
      commit: move empty message checks to libgit
      t3404: check intermediate squash messages
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