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    Merge git://repo.or.cz/git-gui · d794d9e7
    Junio C Hamano authored
    * git://repo.or.cz/git-gui: (96 commits)
      git-gui 0.9.0
      git-gui: Bind Meta-T for "Stage To Commit" menu action
      git-gui: Allow users to set font weights to bold
      git-gui: Update Japanese strings (part 2)
      git-gui: Update Japanese strings
      Updated russian translation of git-gui
      po2msg: actually output statistics
      po2msg: ignore untranslated messages
      po2msg: ignore entries marked with "fuzzy"
      git-gui: Protect against bad translation strings
      git-gui: Make sure we get errors from git-update-index
      More updates and corrections to the russian translation of git-gui
      Updated Russian translation.
      git-gui: Update German translation
      git-gui: Add more terms to glossary.
      git-gui: Paper bag fix the global config parsing
      git-gui: Honor a config.mak in git-gui's top level
      git-gui: Collapse $env(HOME) to ~/ in recent repositories on Windows
      git-gui: Support cloning Cygwin based work-dirs
      git-gui: Use proper Windows shortcuts instead of bat files
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