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    Merge branch 'bw/grep-recurse-submodules' · 5aa0b6c5
    Junio C Hamano authored
    "git grep --recurse-submodules" has been reworked to give a more
    consistent output across submodule boundary (and do its thing
    without having to fork a separate process).
    * bw/grep-recurse-submodules:
      grep: recurse in-process using 'struct repository'
      submodule: merge repo_read_gitmodules and gitmodules_config
      submodule: check for unmerged .gitmodules outside of config parsing
      submodule: check for unstaged .gitmodules outside of config parsing
      submodule: remove fetch.recursesubmodules from submodule-config parsing
      submodule: remove submodule.fetchjobs from submodule-config parsing
      config: add config_from_gitmodules
      cache.h: add GITMODULES_FILE macro
      repository: have the_repository use the_index
      repo_read_index: don't discard the index
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