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    Merge branch 'tg/checkout-no-overlay' · 7d0c1f45
    Junio C Hamano authored
    "git checkout --no-overlay" can be used to trigger a new mode of
    checking out paths out of the tree-ish, that allows paths that
    match the pathspec that are in the current index and working tree
    and are not in the tree-ish.
    * tg/checkout-no-overlay:
      revert "checkout: introduce checkout.overlayMode config"
      checkout: introduce checkout.overlayMode config
      checkout: introduce --{,no-}overlay option
      checkout: factor out mark_cache_entry_for_checkout function
      checkout: clarify comment
      read-cache: add invalidate parameter to remove_marked_cache_entries
      entry: support CE_WT_REMOVE flag in checkout_entry
      entry: factor out unlink_entry function
      move worktree tests to t24*
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