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    archive-zip: support UTF-8 paths · 2162bd8c
    René Scharfe authored
    Set general purpose flag 11 if we encounter a path that contains
    non-ASCII characters.  We assume that all paths are given as UTF-8; no
    conversion is done.
    The flag seems to be ignored by unzip unless we also mark the archive
    entry as coming from a Unix system.  This is done by setting the field
    creator_version ("version made by" in the standard[1]) to 0x03NN.
    The NN part represents the version of the standard supported by us, and
    this patch sets it to 3f (for version 6.3) for Unix paths.  We keep
    creator_version set to 0 (FAT filesystem, standard version 0) in the
    non-special cases, as before.
    But when we declare a file to have a Unix path, then we have to set the
    file mode as well, or unzip will extract the files with the permission
    set 0000, i.e. inaccessible by all.
    [1] http://www.pkware.com/documents/casestudies/APPNOTE.TXTSigned-off-by: default avatarRene Scharfe <rene.scharfe@lsrfire.ath.cx>
    Signed-off-by: default avatarJunio C Hamano <gitster@pobox.com>
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