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    Merge branch 'ab/perl-fixes' · ae1644b0
    Junio C Hamano authored
    Clean-up to various pieces of Perl code we have.
    * ab/perl-fixes:
      perl Git::LoadCPAN: emit better errors under NO_PERL_CPAN_FALLBACKS
      Makefile: add NO_PERL_CPAN_FALLBACKS knob
      perl: move the perl/Git/FromCPAN tree to perl/FromCPAN
      perl: generalize the Git::LoadCPAN facility
      perl: move CPAN loader wrappers to another namespace
      perl: update our copy of Mail::Address
      perl: update our ancient copy of Error.pm
      git-send-email: unconditionally use Net::{SMTP,Domain}
      Git.pm: hard-depend on the File::{Temp,Spec} modules
      gitweb: hard-depend on the Digest::MD5 5.8 module
      Git.pm: add the "use warnings" pragma
      Git.pm: remove redundant "use strict" from sub-package
      perl: *.pm files should not have the executable bit
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