1. 14 Mar, 2018 26 commits
  2. 08 Mar, 2018 14 commits
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      Eighth batch for 2.17 · d0db9edb
      Junio C Hamano authored
      Signed-off-by: default avatarJunio C Hamano <[email protected]>
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      Merge branch 'ag/userdiff-go-funcname' · 077cde91
      Junio C Hamano authored
      "git diff" and friends learned funcname patterns for Go language
      source files.
      * ag/userdiff-go-funcname:
        userdiff: add built-in pattern for golang
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      Merge branch 'ab/gc-auto-in-commit' · 9bb8eb0c
      Junio C Hamano authored
      "git commit" used to run "gc --auto" near the end, which was lost
      when the command was reimplemented in C by mistake.
      * ab/gc-auto-in-commit:
        commit: run git gc --auto just before the post-commit hook
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      Merge branch 'bp/untracked-cache-noflush' · cdda65ac
      Junio C Hamano authored
      Writing out the index file when the only thing that changed in it
      is the untracked cache information is often wasteful, and this has
      been optimized out.
      * bp/untracked-cache-noflush:
        untracked cache: use git_env_bool() not getenv() for customization
        dir.c: don't flag the index as dirty for changes to the untracked cache
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      Merge branch 'rs/perf-repeat-thrice-by-default' · 74735c9c
      Junio C Hamano authored
      Perf test regression fix.
      * rs/perf-repeat-thrice-by-default:
        perf: use GIT_PERF_REPEAT_COUNT=3 by default even without config file
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      Merge branch 'mk/doc-pretty-fill' · cd3d56a9
      Junio C Hamano authored
      * mk/doc-pretty-fill:
        docs/pretty-formats: fix typo '% <(<N>)' -> '%<|(<N>)'
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      Merge branch 'jc/test-must-be-empty' · a8d45dcf
      Junio C Hamano authored
      Test framework tweak to catch developer thinko.
      * jc/test-must-be-empty:
        test_must_be_empty: make sure the file exists, not just empty
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      Merge branch 'ds/mark-parents-uninteresting-optim' · d5120dab
      Junio C Hamano authored
      Micro optimization in revision traversal code.
      * ds/mark-parents-uninteresting-optim:
        revision.c: reduce object database queries
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      Merge branch 'ds/find-unique-abbrev-optim' · 7519a60f
      Junio C Hamano authored
      While finding unique object name abbreviation, the code may
      accidentally have read beyond the end of the array of object names
      in a pack.
      * ds/find-unique-abbrev-optim:
        sha1_name: fix uninitialized memory errors
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      Merge branch 'sg/subtree-signed-commits' · 65ebfec5
      Junio C Hamano authored
      "git subtree" script (in contrib/) scripted around "git log", whose
      output got affected by end-user configuration like log.showsignature
      * sg/subtree-signed-commits:
        subtree: fix add and pull for GPG-signed commits
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      Merge branch 'rv/grep-cleanup' · 5fc4a7ed
      Junio C Hamano authored
      Threaded "git grep" has been optimized to avoid allocation in code
      section that is covered under a mutex.
      * rv/grep-cleanup:
        grep: simplify grep_oid and grep_file
        grep: move grep_source_init outside critical section
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      Merge branch 'ot/ref-filter-cleanup' · 9e69a148
      Junio C Hamano authored
      Code cleanup.
      * ot/ref-filter-cleanup:
        ref-filter: get rid of goto
        ref-filter: get rid of duplicate code
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      Merge branch 'jh/status-no-ahead-behind' · 4094e47f
      Junio C Hamano authored
      "git status" can spend a lot of cycles to compute the relation
      between the current branch and its upstream, which can now be
      disabled with "--no-ahead-behind" option.
      * jh/status-no-ahead-behind:
        status: support --no-ahead-behind in long format
        status: update short status to respect --no-ahead-behind
        status: add --[no-]ahead-behind to status and commit for V2 format.
        stat_tracking_info: return +1 when branches not equal
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      Merge branch 'sg/travis-build-during-script-phase' · c710d182
      Junio C Hamano authored
      Build the executable in 'script' phase in Travis CI integration, to
      follow the established practice, rather than during 'before_script'
      phase.  This allows the CI categorize the failures better ('failed'
      is project's fault, 'errored' is build environment's).
      * sg/travis-build-during-script-phase:
        travis-ci: build Git during the 'script' phase