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      Merge branch 'rj/cygwin-clarify-use-of-cheating-lstat' · d6cbf2fa
      Junio C Hamano authored
      Cygwin port added a "not quite correct but a lot faster and good
      enough for many lstat() calls that are only used to see if the
      working tree entity matches the index entry" lstat() emulation some
      time ago, and it started biting us in places.  This removes it and
      uses the standard lstat() that comes with Cygwin.
      Recent topic that uses lstat on packed-refs file is broken when
      this cheating lstat is used, and this is a simplest fix that is
      also the cleanest direction to go in the long run.
      * rj/cygwin-clarify-use-of-cheating-lstat:
        cygwin: Remove the Win32 l/stat() implementation
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      Merge branch 'jk/cat-file-batch-optim' · c7eb614c
      Junio C Hamano authored
      * jk/cat-file-batch-optim:
        Revert "cat-file: split --batch input lines on whitespace"
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      Revert "cat-file: split --batch input lines on whitespace" · 062aeee8
      Junio C Hamano authored
      This reverts commit c334b87b; the
      update assumed that people only used the command to read from
      "rev-list --objects" output, whose lines begin with a 40-hex object
      name followed by a whitespace, but it turns out that scripts feed
      random extended SHA-1 expressions (e.g. "HEAD:$pathname") in which
      a whitespace has to be kept.
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