Commit f506b8e8 authored by Junio C Hamano's avatar Junio C Hamano

git log/diff: add -G<regexp> that greps in the patch text

Teach "-G<regexp>" that is similar to "-S<regexp> --pickaxe-regexp" to the
"git diff" family of commands.  This limits the diff queue to filepairs
whose patch text actually has an added or a deleted line that matches the
given regexp.  Unlike "-S<regexp>", changing other parts of the line that
has a substring that matches the given regexp IS counted as a change, as
such a change would appear as one deletion followed by one addition in a
patch text.

Unlike -S (pickaxe) that is intended to be used to quickly detect a commit
that changes the number of occurrences of hits between the preimage and
the postimage to serve as a part of larger toolchain, this is meant to be
used as the top-level Porcelain feature.

The implementation unfortunately has to run "diff" twice if you are
running "log" family of commands to produce patches in the final output
(e.g. "git log -p" or "git format-patch").  I think we _could_ cache the
result in-core if we wanted to, but that would require larger surgery to
the diffcore machinery (i.e. adding an extra pointer in the filepair
structure to keep a pointer to a strbuf around, stuff the textual diff to
the strbuf inside diffgrep_consume(), and make use of it in later stages
when it is available) and it may not be worth it.
Signed-off-by: default avatarJunio C Hamano <[email protected]>
parent 382f013b
......@@ -284,8 +284,12 @@ ifndef::git-format-patch[]
appearing in diff output; see the 'pickaxe' entry in
linkgit:gitdiffcore[7] for more details.
Look for differences whose added or removed line matches
the given <regex>.
When `-S` finds a change, show all the changes in that
When `-S` or `-G` finds a change, show all the changes in that
changeset, not just the files that contain the change
in <string>.
......@@ -3268,12 +3268,17 @@ int diff_opt_parse(struct diff_options *options, const char **av, int ac)
else if ((argcount = short_opt('S', av, &optarg))) {
options->pickaxe = optarg;
options->pickaxe_opts |= DIFF_PICKAXE_KIND_S;
return argcount;
} else if ((argcount = short_opt('G', av, &optarg))) {
options->pickaxe = optarg;
options->pickaxe_opts |= DIFF_PICKAXE_KIND_G;
return argcount;
else if (!strcmp(arg, "--pickaxe-all"))
options->pickaxe_opts = DIFF_PICKAXE_ALL;
options->pickaxe_opts |= DIFF_PICKAXE_ALL;
else if (!strcmp(arg, "--pickaxe-regex"))
options->pickaxe_opts = DIFF_PICKAXE_REGEX;
options->pickaxe_opts |= DIFF_PICKAXE_REGEX;
else if ((argcount = short_opt('O', av, &optarg))) {
options->orderfile = optarg;
return argcount;
......@@ -238,6 +238,9 @@ extern int diff_setup_done(struct diff_options *);
#define DIFF_PICKAXE_KIND_S 4 /* traditional plumbing counter */
#define DIFF_PICKAXE_KIND_G 8 /* grep in the patch */
extern void diffcore_std(struct diff_options *);
extern void diffcore_fix_diff_index(struct diff_options *);
* Copyright (C) 2005 Junio C Hamano
* Copyright (C) 2010 Google Inc.
#include "cache.h"
#include "diff.h"
#include "diffcore.h"
#include "xdiff-interface.h"
struct diffgrep_cb {
regex_t *regexp;
int hit;
static void diffgrep_consume(void *priv, char *line, unsigned long len)
struct diffgrep_cb *data = priv;
regmatch_t regmatch;
int hold;
if (line[0] != '+' && line[0] != '-')
if (data->hit)
* NEEDSWORK: we should have a way to terminate the
* caller early.
/* Yuck -- line ought to be "const char *"! */
hold = line[len];
line[len] = '\0';
data->hit = !regexec(data->regexp, line + 1, 1, &regmatch, 0);
line[len] = hold;
static void fill_one(struct diff_filespec *one,
mmfile_t *mf, struct userdiff_driver **textconv)
if (DIFF_FILE_VALID(one)) {
*textconv = get_textconv(one);
mf->size = fill_textconv(*textconv, one, &mf->ptr);
} else {
memset(mf, 0, sizeof(*mf));
static int diff_grep(struct diff_filepair *p, regex_t *regexp, struct diff_options *o)
regmatch_t regmatch;
struct userdiff_driver *textconv_one = NULL;
struct userdiff_driver *textconv_two = NULL;
mmfile_t mf1, mf2;
int hit;
if (diff_unmodified_pair(p))
return 0;
fill_one(p->one, &mf1, &textconv_one);
fill_one(p->two, &mf2, &textconv_two);
if (!mf1.ptr) {
if (!mf2.ptr)
return 0; /* ignore unmerged */
/* created "two" -- does it have what we are looking for? */
hit = !regexec(regexp, p->two->data, 1, &regmatch, 0);
} else if (!mf2.ptr) {
/* removed "one" -- did it have what we are looking for? */
hit = !regexec(regexp, p->one->data, 1, &regmatch, 0);
} else {
* We have both sides; need to run textual diff and see if
* the pattern appears on added/deleted lines.
struct diffgrep_cb ecbdata;
xpparam_t xpp;
xdemitconf_t xecfg;
memset(&xpp, 0, sizeof(xpp));
memset(&xecfg, 0, sizeof(xecfg));
ecbdata.regexp = regexp;
ecbdata.hit = 0;
xecfg.ctxlen = o->context;
xecfg.interhunkctxlen = o->interhunkcontext;
xdi_diff_outf(&mf1, &mf2, diffgrep_consume, &ecbdata,
&xpp, &xecfg);
hit = ecbdata.hit;
if (textconv_one)
if (textconv_two)
return hit;
static void diffcore_pickaxe_grep(struct diff_options *o)
struct diff_queue_struct *q = &diff_queued_diff;
int i, has_changes, err;
regex_t regex;
struct diff_queue_struct outq;
outq.queue = NULL; = outq.alloc = 0;
err = regcomp(&regex, o->pickaxe, REG_EXTENDED | REG_NEWLINE);
if (err) {
char errbuf[1024];
regerror(err, &regex, errbuf, 1024);
die("invalid log-grep regex: %s", errbuf);
if (o->pickaxe_opts & DIFF_PICKAXE_ALL) {
/* Showing the whole changeset if needle exists */
for (i = has_changes = 0; !has_changes && i < q->nr; i++) {
struct diff_filepair *p = q->queue[i];
if (diff_grep(p, &regex, o))
if (has_changes)
return; /* do not munge the queue */
* Otherwise we will clear the whole queue by copying
* the empty outq at the end of this function, but
* first clear the current entries in the queue.
for (i = 0; i < q->nr; i++)
} else {
/* Showing only the filepairs that has the needle */
for (i = 0; i < q->nr; i++) {
struct diff_filepair *p = q->queue[i];
if (diff_grep(p, &regex, o))
diff_q(&outq, p);
*q = outq;
static unsigned int contains(struct diff_filespec *one,
const char *needle, unsigned long len,
......@@ -48,7 +187,7 @@ static unsigned int contains(struct diff_filespec *one,
return cnt;
void diffcore_pickaxe(struct diff_options *o)
static void diffcore_pickaxe_count(struct diff_options *o)
const char *needle = o->pickaxe;
int opts = o->pickaxe_opts;
......@@ -138,3 +277,12 @@ void diffcore_pickaxe(struct diff_options *o)
*q = outq;
void diffcore_pickaxe(struct diff_options *o)
/* Might want to warn when both S and G are on; I don't care... */
if (o->pickaxe_opts & DIFF_PICKAXE_KIND_G)
return diffcore_pickaxe_grep(o);
return diffcore_pickaxe_count(o);
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