Commit f124e986 authored by Junio C Hamano's avatar Junio C Hamano

Merge git://

* git://
  [PATCH] gitk: Heed the lines of context in merge commits
parents 413b90f0 6675ea42
......@@ -5032,13 +5032,14 @@ proc getblobline {bf id} {
proc mergediff {id l} {
global diffmergeid mdifffd
global diffids
global diffcontext
global parentlist
global limitdiffs viewfiles curview
set diffmergeid $id
set diffids $id
# this doesn't seem to actually affect anything...
set cmd [concat | git diff-tree --no-commit-id --cc $id]
set cmd [concat | git diff-tree --no-commit-id --cc -U$diffcontext $id]
if {$limitdiffs && $viewfiles($curview) ne {}} {
set cmd [concat $cmd -- $viewfiles($curview)]
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