Commit ef24c7ca authored by Christian Couder's avatar Christian Couder Committed by Junio C Hamano

bisect--helper: add "--next-exit" to output bisect results

The goal of this patch is to port more shell code from the "bisect_next"
function in "" to C code in "builtin-bisect--helper.c".

So we port the code that interprets the bisection result and stops or
continues (by checking out the next revision) the bisection process.
Signed-off-by: Christian Couder's avatarChristian Couder <[email protected]>
Signed-off-by: default avatarJunio C Hamano <[email protected]>
parent 2ace9727
......@@ -6,6 +6,7 @@
#include "list-objects.h"
#include "quote.h"
#include "sha1-lookup.h"
#include "run-command.h"
#include "bisect.h"
static unsigned char (*skipped_sha1)[20];
......@@ -16,6 +17,12 @@ static const char **rev_argv;
static int rev_argv_nr;
static int rev_argv_alloc;
static const unsigned char *current_bad_sha1;
static const char *argv_diff_tree[] = {"diff-tree", "--pretty", NULL, NULL};
static const char *argv_checkout[] = {"checkout", "-q", NULL, "--", NULL};
static const char *argv_show_branch[] = {"show-branch", NULL, NULL};
/* bits #0-15 in revision.h */
#define COUNTED (1u<<16)
......@@ -403,6 +410,7 @@ static int register_ref(const char *refname, const unsigned char *sha1,
if (!strcmp(refname, "bad")) {
ALLOC_GROW(rev_argv, rev_argv_nr + 1, rev_argv_alloc);
current_bad_sha1 = sha1;
rev_argv[rev_argv_nr++] = xstrdup(sha1_to_hex(sha1));
} else if (!prefixcmp(refname, "good-")) {
const char *hex = sha1_to_hex(sha1);
......@@ -560,3 +568,100 @@ int bisect_next_vars(const char *prefix)
return show_bisect_vars(&info, reaches, all);
static void exit_if_skipped_commits(struct commit_list *tried,
const unsigned char *bad)
if (!tried)
printf("There are only 'skip'ped commits left to test.\n"
"The first bad commit could be any of:\n");
print_commit_list(tried, "%s\n", "%s\n");
if (bad)
printf("%s\n", sha1_to_hex(bad));
printf("We cannot bisect more!\n");
static void mark_expected_rev(char *bisect_rev_hex)
int len = strlen(bisect_rev_hex);
const char *filename = git_path("BISECT_EXPECTED_REV");
int fd = open(filename, O_CREAT | O_TRUNC | O_WRONLY, 0600);
if (fd < 0)
die("could not create file '%s': %s",
filename, strerror(errno));
bisect_rev_hex[len] = '\n';
write_or_die(fd, bisect_rev_hex, len + 1);
bisect_rev_hex[len] = '\0';
if (close(fd) < 0)
die("closing file %s: %s", filename, strerror(errno));
static int bisect_checkout(char *bisect_rev_hex)
int res;
argv_checkout[2] = bisect_rev_hex;
res = run_command_v_opt(argv_checkout, RUN_GIT_CMD);
if (res)
argv_show_branch[1] = bisect_rev_hex;
return run_command_v_opt(argv_show_branch, RUN_GIT_CMD);
* We use the convention that exiting with an exit code 10 means that
* the bisection process finished successfully.
* In this case the calling shell script should exit 0.
int bisect_next_exit(const char *prefix)
struct rev_info revs;
struct commit_list *tried;
int reaches = 0, all = 0, nr;
const unsigned char *bisect_rev;
char bisect_rev_hex[41];
bisect_common(&revs, prefix, &reaches, &all);
revs.commits = filter_skipped(revs.commits, &tried, 0);
if (!revs.commits) {
* We should exit here only if the "bad"
* commit is also a "skip" commit.
exit_if_skipped_commits(tried, NULL);
printf("%s was both good and bad\n",
bisect_rev = revs.commits->item->object.sha1;
memcpy(bisect_rev_hex, sha1_to_hex(bisect_rev), 41);
if (!hashcmp(bisect_rev, current_bad_sha1)) {
exit_if_skipped_commits(tried, current_bad_sha1);
printf("%s is first bad commit\n", bisect_rev_hex);
argv_diff_tree[2] = bisect_rev_hex;
run_command_v_opt(argv_diff_tree, RUN_GIT_CMD);
/* This means the bisection process succeeded. */
nr = all - reaches - 1;
printf("Bisecting: %d revisions left to test after this "
"(roughly %d steps)\n", nr, estimate_bisect_steps(all));
return bisect_checkout(bisect_rev_hex);
......@@ -29,6 +29,7 @@ struct rev_list_info {
extern int show_bisect_vars(struct rev_list_info *info, int reaches, int all);
extern int bisect_next_vars(const char *prefix);
extern int bisect_next_exit(const char *prefix);
extern int estimate_bisect_steps(int all);
......@@ -5,23 +5,29 @@
static const char * const git_bisect_helper_usage[] = {
"git bisect--helper --next-vars",
"git bisect--helper --next-exit",
int cmd_bisect__helper(int argc, const char **argv, const char *prefix)
int next_vars = 0;
int next_exit = 0;
struct option options[] = {
OPT_BOOLEAN(0, "next-vars", &next_vars,
"output next bisect step variables"),
OPT_BOOLEAN(0, "next-exit", &next_exit,
"output bisect result and exit instuctions"),
argc = parse_options(argc, argv, options, git_bisect_helper_usage, 0);
if (!next_vars)
if ((next_vars && next_exit) || (!next_vars && !next_exit))
usage_with_options(git_bisect_helper_usage, options);
/* next-vars */
return bisect_next_vars(prefix);
if (next_vars)
return bisect_next_vars(prefix);
else /* next-exit */
return bisect_next_exit(prefix);
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