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Merge branch 'bc/submitting-patches-in-asciidoc'

Doc readability update.

* bc/submitting-patches-in-asciidoc:
  doc/SubmittingPatches: improve text formatting
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......@@ -261,7 +261,7 @@ not a text/plain, it's something else.
Send your patch with "To:" set to the mailing list, with "cc:" listing
people who are involved in the area you are touching (the output from
+git blame _$path_+ and +git shortlog {litdd}no-merges _$path_+ would help to
`git blame $path` and `git shortlog --no-merges $path` would help to
identify them), to solicit comments and reviews.
:1: footnote:[The current maintainer: [email protected]]
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