Commit d88949d8 authored by Junio C Hamano's avatar Junio C Hamano

Merge branch 'tg/rerere-doc-updates'

Clarify a part of technical documentation for rerere.

* tg/rerere-doc-updates:
  rerere: add note about files with existing conflict markers
  rerere: mention caveat about unmatched conflict markers
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......@@ -211,6 +211,12 @@ would conflict the same way as the test merge you resolved earlier.
'git rerere' will be run by 'git rebase' to help you resolve this
[NOTE] 'git rerere' relies on the conflict markers in the file to
detect the conflict. If the file already contains lines that look the
same as lines with conflict markers, 'git rerere' may fail to record a
conflict resolution. To work around this, the `conflict-marker-size`
setting in linkgit:gitattributes[5] can be used.
Part of the linkgit:git[1] suite
......@@ -149,6 +149,10 @@ version, and the sorting the conflict hunks, both for the outer and the
inner conflict. This is done recursively, so any number of nested
conflicts can be handled.
Note that this only works for conflict markers that "cleanly nest". If
there are any unmatched conflict markers, rerere will fail to handle
the conflict and record a conflict resolution.
The only difference is in how the conflict ID is calculated. For the
inner conflict, the conflict markers themselves are not stripped out
before calculating the sha1.
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