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SubmittingPatches: Add new section about what to base work on

Add a section 0 explaining which commit to base patches on.
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......@@ -53,6 +53,34 @@ But the patch submission requirements are a lot more relaxed
here on the technical/contents front, because the core GIT is
thousand times smaller ;-). So here is only the relevant bits.
(0) Decide what to base your work on.
In general, always base your work on the oldest branch that your
change is relevant to.
- A bugfix should be based on 'maint' in general. If the bug is not
present in 'maint', base it on 'master'. For a bug that's not yet
in 'master', find the topic that introduces the regression, and
base your work on the tip of the topic.
- A new feature should be based on 'master' in general. If the new
feature depends on a topic that is in 'pu', but not in 'master',
base your work on the tip of that topic.
- Corrections and enhancements to a topic not yet in 'master' should
be based on the tip of that topic. If the topic has not been merged
to 'next', it's alright to add a note to squash minor corrections
into the series.
- In the exceptional case that a new feature depends on several topics
not in 'master', start working on 'next' or 'pu' privately and send
out patches for discussion. Before the final merge, you may have to
wait until some of the dependent topics graduate to 'master', and
rebase your work.
To find the tip of a topic branch, run "git log --first-parent
master..pu" and look for the merge commit. The second parent of this
commit is the tip of the topic branch.
(1) Make separate commits for logically separate changes.
......@@ -170,17 +198,16 @@ patch, format it as "multipart/signed", not a text/plain message
that starts with '-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE-----'. That is
not a text/plain, it's something else.
Note that your maintainer does not necessarily read everything
on the git mailing list. If your patch is for discussion first,
send it "To:" the mailing list, and optionally "cc:" him. If it
is trivially correct or after the list reached a consensus, send
it "To:" the maintainer and optionally "cc:" the list for
Also note that your maintainer does not actively involve himself in
maintaining what are in contrib/ hierarchy. When you send fixes and
enhancements to them, do not forget to "cc: " the person who primarily
worked on that hierarchy in contrib/.
Unless your patch is a very trivial and an obviously correct one,
first send it with "To:" set to the mailing list, with "cc:" listing
people who are involved in the area you are touching (the output from
"git blame $path" and "git shortlog --no-merges $path" would help to
identify them), to solicit comments and reviews. After the list
reached a consensus that it is a good idea to apply the patch, re-send
it with "To:" set to the maintainer and optionally "cc:" the list for
inclusion. Do not forget to add trailers such as "Acked-by:",
"Reviewed-by:" and "Tested-by:" after your "Signed-off-by:" line as
(4) Sign your work
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