Commit b9e56be0 authored by Junio C Hamano's avatar Junio C Hamano

Merge branch 'hb/gitweb-project-list' into maint

When a directory is not readable, "gitweb" fails to build the
project list.  Work this around by skipping such a directory.

It might end up hiding a problem under the rug and a better
solution might be to loudly complain to the administrator pointing
out the problematic directory, but this will at least make it

* hb/gitweb-project-list:
  gitweb: skip unreadable subdirectories
parents 01ced489 46a13857
......@@ -3071,6 +3071,8 @@ sub git_get_projects_list {
return if (m!^[/.]$!);
# only directories can be git repositories
return unless (-d $_);
# need search permission
return unless (-x $_);
# don't traverse too deep (Find is super slow on os x)
# $project_maxdepth excludes depth of $projectroot
if (($File::Find::name =~ tr!/!!) - $pfxdepth > $project_maxdepth) {
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