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Documentation/SubmittingPatches - a suggested patch flow

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......@@ -229,6 +229,41 @@ is more familiar with the issues and the area the patch attempts
to modify. "Tested-by:" says the patch was tested by the person
and found to have the desired effect.
An ideal patch flow
Here is an ideal patch flow for this project the current maintainer
suggests to the contributors:
(0) You come up with an itch. You code it up.
(1) Send it to the list and cc people who may need to know about
the change.
The people who may need to know are the ones whose code you
are butchering. These people happen to be the ones who are
most likely to be knowledgeable enough to help you, but
they have no obligation to help you (i.e. you ask for help,
don't demand). "git log -p -- $area_you_are_modifying" would
help you find out who they are.
(2) You get comments and suggestions for improvements. You may
even get them in a "on top of your change" patch form.
(3) Polish, refine, and re-send to the list and the people who
spend their time to improve your patch. Go back to step (2).
(4) The list forms consensus that the last round of your patch is
good. Send it to the list and cc the maintainer.
(5) A topic branch is created with the patch and is merged to 'next',
and cooked further and eventually graduates to 'master'.
In any time between the (2)-(3) cycle, the maintainer may pick it up
from the list and queue it to 'pu', in order to make it easier for
people play with it without having to pick up and apply the patch to
their trees themselves.
MUA specific hints
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