Commit a466ef01 authored by Junio C Hamano's avatar Junio C Hamano

Merge branch 'ew/empty-merge-with-dirty-index'

"git merge -s recursive" did not correctly abort when the index is
dirty, if the merged tree happened to be the same as the current
HEAD, which has been fixed.

* ew/empty-merge-with-dirty-index:
  merge-recursive: do not look at the index during recursive merge
parents 4cc676c4 5b1c54ac
......@@ -1954,7 +1954,7 @@ int merge_trees(struct merge_options *o,
if (oid_eq(&common->object.oid, &merge->object.oid)) {
struct strbuf sb = STRBUF_INIT;
if (index_has_changes(&sb)) {
if (!o->call_depth && index_has_changes(&sb)) {
err(o, _("Dirty index: cannot merge (dirty: %s)"),
return 0;
......@@ -678,4 +678,54 @@ test_expect_success 'merge-recursive remembers the names of all base trees' '
test_cmp expect actual
test_expect_success 'merge-recursive internal merge resolves to the sameness' '
git reset --hard HEAD &&
# We are going to create a history leading to two criss-cross
# branches A and B. The common ancestor at the bottom, O0,
# has two child commits O1 and O2, both of which will be merge
# base between A and B, like so:
# O1---A
# / \ /
# O0 .
# \ / \
# O2---B
# The recently added "check to see if the index is different from
# the tree into which something else is getting merged" check must
# NOT kick in when an inner merge between O1 and O2 is made. Both
# O1 and O2 happen to have the same tree as O0 in this test to
# trigger the bug---whether the inner merge is made by merging O2
# into O1 or O1 into O2, their common ancestor O0 and the branch
# being merged have the same tree. We should not trigger the "is
# the index dirty?" check in this case.
echo "zero" >file &&
git add file &&
test_tick &&
git commit -m "O0" &&
O0=$(git rev-parse HEAD) &&
test_tick &&
git commit --allow-empty -m "O1" &&
O1=$(git rev-parse HEAD) &&
git reset --hard $O0 &&
test_tick &&
git commit --allow-empty -m "O2" &&
O2=$(git rev-parse HEAD) &&
test_tick &&
git merge -s ours $O1 &&
B=$(git rev-parse HEAD) &&
git reset --hard $O1 &&
test_tick &&
git merge -s ours $O2 &&
A=$(git rev-parse HEAD) &&
git merge $B
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