Commit 9db18387 authored by Junio C Hamano's avatar Junio C Hamano

Merge branch 'da/mergetool-meld' into maint

* da/mergetool-meld:
  mergetools/meld: make usage of `--output` configurable and more robust
parents af1b4e35 b12d0450
......@@ -1754,6 +1754,15 @@ mergetool.<tool>.trustExitCode::
if the file has been updated, otherwise the user is prompted to
indicate the success of the merge.
Older versions of `meld` do not support the `--output` option.
Git will attempt to detect whether `meld` supports `--output`
by inspecting the output of `meld --help`. Configuring
`mergetool.meld.hasOutput` will make Git skip these checks and
use the configured value instead. Setting `mergetool.meld.hasOutput`
to `true` tells Git to unconditionally use the `--output` option,
and `false` avoids using `--output`.
After performing a merge, the original file with conflict markers
can be saved as a file with a `.orig` extension. If this variable
......@@ -18,13 +18,18 @@ merge_cmd () {
# Check whether 'meld --output <file>' is supported
# Check whether we should use 'meld --output <file>'
check_meld_for_output_version () {
meld_path="$(git config mergetool.meld.path)"
if "$meld_path" --help 2>&1 | grep -e --output >/dev/null
if meld_has_output_option=$(git config --bool mergetool.meld.hasOutput)
: use configured value
elif "$meld_path" --help 2>&1 |
grep -e '--output=' -e '\[OPTION\.\.\.\]' >/dev/null
: old ones mention --output and new ones just say OPTION...
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