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Git v1.7.10.1 Release Notes
Fixes since v1.7.10
* "git add -p" is not designed to deal with unmerged paths but did
not exclude them and tried to apply funny patches only to fail.
* When PATH contains an unreadable directory, alias expansion code
did not kick in, and failed with an error that said "git-subcmd"
was not found.
* "git clean -d -f" (not "-d -f -f") is supposed to protect nested
working trees of independent git repositories that exist in the
current project working tree from getting removed, but the
protection applied only to such working trees that are at the
top-level of the current project by mistake.
* "git commit --author=$name" did not tell the name that was being
recorded in the resulting commit to hooks, even though it does do
so when the end user overrode the authorship via the
"GIT_AUTHOR_NAME" environment variable.
* When "git commit --template F" errors out because the user did not
touch the message, it claimed that it aborts due to "empty
message", which was utterly wrong.
* The regexp configured with diff.wordregex was incorrectly reused
across files.
* An age-old corner case bug in combine diff (only triggered with -U0
and the hunk at the beginning of the file needs to be shown) has
been fixed.
* Rename detection logic used to match two empty files as renames
during merge-recursive, leading to unnatural mismerges.
* Running "notes merge --commit" failed to perform correctly when run
from any directory inside $GIT_DIR/. When "notes merge" stops with
conflicts, $GIT_DIR/NOTES_MERGE_WORKTREE is the place a user edits
to resolve it.
* The 'push to upstream' implementation was broken in some corner
cases. "git push $there" without refspec, when the current branch
is set to push to a remote different from $there, used to push to
$there using the upstream information to a remote unreleated to
Also contains minor fixes and documentation updates.
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