Commit 6bc9d1e2 authored by Mark Levedahl's avatar Mark Levedahl Committed by Paul Mackerras

gitk: Use a spinbox for setting tabstop settings

The tabstop must be a smallish positive integer, and a spinbox is the
accepted UI control to accomplish this limiting rather than the text
entry box previously used.
Signed-off-by: default avatarMark Levedahl <[email protected]>
parent 706d6c3e
......@@ -6972,7 +6972,7 @@ proc doprefs {} {
pack $top.ntag.b $top.ntag.l -side left
grid x $top.ntag -sticky w
label $top.tabstopl -text "tabstop" -font optionfont
entry $top.tabstop -width 10 -textvariable tabstop
spinbox $top.tabstop -from 1 -to 20 -width 4 -textvariable tabstop
grid x $top.tabstopl $top.tabstop -sticky w
label $top.cdisp -text "Colors: press to choose"
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