Commit 4aab5b46 authored by Junio C Hamano's avatar Junio C Hamano

Make read-cache.c "the_index" free.

This makes all low-level functions defined in read-cache.c to
take an explicit index_state structure as their first parameter,
to specify which index to work on.  These functions
traditionally operated on "the_index" and were named foo_cache();
the counterparts this patch introduces are called foo_index().

The traditional foo_cache() functions are made into macros that
give "the_index" to their corresponding foo_index() functions.
Signed-off-by: default avatarJunio C Hamano <[email protected]>
parent 228e94f9
......@@ -154,12 +154,27 @@ struct index_state {
extern struct index_state the_index;
#define active_cache (the_index.cache)
#define active_nr (the_index.cache_nr)
#define active_alloc (the_index.cache_alloc)
#define active_cache_changed (the_index.cache_changed)
#define active_cache_tree (the_index.cache_tree)
#define read_cache() read_index(&the_index)
#define read_cache_from(path) read_index_from(&the_index, (path))
#define write_cache(newfd, cache, entries) write_index(&the_index, (newfd))
#define discard_cache() discard_index(&the_index)
#define cache_name_pos(name, namelen) index_name_pos(&the_index,(name),(namelen))
#define add_cache_entry(ce, option) add_index_entry(&the_index, (ce), (option))
#define remove_cache_entry_at(pos) remove_index_entry_at(&the_index, (pos))
#define remove_file_from_cache(path) remove_file_from_index(&the_index, (path))
#define add_file_to_cache(path, verbose) add_file_to_index(&the_index, (path), (verbose))
#define refresh_cache(flags) refresh_index(&the_index, flags)
#define ce_match_stat(ce, st, really) ie_match_stat(&the_index, (ce), (st), (really))
#define ce_modified(ce, st, really) ie_modified(&the_index, (ce), (st), (really))
enum object_type {
OBJ_BAD = -1,
......@@ -208,23 +223,23 @@ extern void verify_non_filename(const char *prefix, const char *name);
#define alloc_nr(x) (((x)+16)*3/2)
/* Initialize and use the cache information */
extern int read_cache(void);
extern int read_cache_from(const char *path);
extern int write_cache(int newfd, struct cache_entry **cache, int entries);
extern int discard_cache(void);
extern int read_index(struct index_state *);
extern int read_index_from(struct index_state *, const char *path);
extern int write_index(struct index_state *, int newfd);
extern int discard_index(struct index_state *);
extern int verify_path(const char *path);
extern int cache_name_pos(const char *name, int namelen);
extern int index_name_pos(struct index_state *, const char *name, int namelen);
#define ADD_CACHE_OK_TO_ADD 1 /* Ok to add */
#define ADD_CACHE_OK_TO_REPLACE 2 /* Ok to replace file/directory */
#define ADD_CACHE_SKIP_DFCHECK 4 /* Ok to skip DF conflict checks */
extern int add_cache_entry(struct cache_entry *ce, int option);
extern int add_index_entry(struct index_state *, struct cache_entry *ce, int option);
extern struct cache_entry *refresh_cache_entry(struct cache_entry *ce, int really);
extern int remove_cache_entry_at(int pos);
extern int remove_file_from_cache(const char *path);
extern int add_file_to_cache(const char *path, int verbose);
extern int remove_index_entry_at(struct index_state *, int pos);
extern int remove_file_from_index(struct index_state *, const char *path);
extern int add_file_to_index(struct index_state *, const char *path, int verbose);
extern int ce_same_name(struct cache_entry *a, struct cache_entry *b);
extern int ce_match_stat(struct cache_entry *ce, struct stat *st, int);
extern int ce_modified(struct cache_entry *ce, struct stat *st, int);
extern int ie_match_stat(struct index_state *, struct cache_entry *, struct stat *, int);
extern int ie_modified(struct index_state *, struct cache_entry *, struct stat *, int);
extern int ce_path_match(const struct cache_entry *ce, const char **pathspec);
extern int index_fd(unsigned char *sha1, int fd, struct stat *st, int write_object, enum object_type type, const char *path);
extern int read_pipe(int fd, char** return_buf, unsigned long* return_size);
......@@ -236,7 +251,7 @@ extern void fill_stat_cache_info(struct cache_entry *ce, struct stat *st);
#define REFRESH_UNMERGED 0x0002 /* allow unmerged */
#define REFRESH_QUIET 0x0004 /* be quiet about it */
#define REFRESH_IGNORE_MISSING 0x0008 /* ignore non-existent */
extern int refresh_cache(unsigned int flags);
extern int refresh_index(struct index_state *, unsigned int flags);
struct lock_file {
struct lock_file *next;
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