Commit 2af0b1c6 authored by Junio C Hamano's avatar Junio C Hamano

Merge branch 'sg/doc-trace-appends'


* sg/doc-trace-appends:
  Documentation/git.txt: clarify that GIT_TRACE=/path appends
parents 98509d0f fa0aeea7
......@@ -599,8 +599,8 @@ trace messages into this file descriptor.
Alternatively, if the variable is set to an absolute path
(starting with a '/' character), Git will interpret this
as a file path and will try to write the trace messages
into it.
as a file path and will try to append the trace messages
to it.
Unsetting the variable, or setting it to empty, "0" or
"false" (case insensitive) disables trace messages.
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