Commit 2a8177b6 authored by Christian Couder's avatar Christian Couder Committed by Junio C Hamano

refs: add "for_each_ref_in" function to refactor "for_each_*_ref" functions

The "for_each_{tag,branch,remote,replace,}_ref" functions are
redefined in terms of "for_each_ref_in" so that we can lose the
hardcoded length of prefix strings from the code.
Signed-off-by: Christian Couder's avatarChristian Couder <[email protected]>
parent eaa759b9
......@@ -647,19 +647,24 @@ int for_each_ref(each_ref_fn fn, void *cb_data)
return do_for_each_ref("refs/", fn, 0, 0, cb_data);
int for_each_ref_in(const char *prefix, each_ref_fn fn, void *cb_data)
return do_for_each_ref(prefix, fn, strlen(prefix), 0, cb_data);
int for_each_tag_ref(each_ref_fn fn, void *cb_data)
return do_for_each_ref("refs/tags/", fn, 10, 0, cb_data);
return for_each_ref_in("refs/tags/", fn, cb_data);
int for_each_branch_ref(each_ref_fn fn, void *cb_data)
return do_for_each_ref("refs/heads/", fn, 11, 0, cb_data);
return for_each_ref_in("refs/heads/", fn, cb_data);
int for_each_remote_ref(each_ref_fn fn, void *cb_data)
return do_for_each_ref("refs/remotes/", fn, 13, 0, cb_data);
return for_each_ref_in("refs/remotes/", fn, cb_data);
int for_each_rawref(each_ref_fn fn, void *cb_data)
......@@ -20,6 +20,7 @@ struct ref_lock {
typedef int each_ref_fn(const char *refname, const unsigned char *sha1, int flags, void *cb_data);
extern int head_ref(each_ref_fn, void *);
extern int for_each_ref(each_ref_fn, void *);
extern int for_each_ref_in(const char *, each_ref_fn, void *);
extern int for_each_tag_ref(each_ref_fn, void *);
extern int for_each_branch_ref(each_ref_fn, void *);
extern int for_each_remote_ref(each_ref_fn, void *);
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