Commit 281404ca authored by Mark Levedahl's avatar Mark Levedahl Committed by Paul Mackerras

gitk: Update selection background colorbar in prefs dialog

The callback function was incorrectly set to update the background
colorbar when updated the selection background. This did not affect the
colors chosen or their use, just their presentation in the preferences
dialog box.
Signed-off-by: default avatarMark Levedahl <[email protected]>
parent 6bc9d1e2
......@@ -7004,7 +7004,7 @@ proc doprefs {} {
grid x $top.hunksepbut $top.hunksep -sticky w
label $top.selbgsep -padx 40 -relief sunk -background $selectbgcolor
button $top.selbgbut -text "Select bg" -font optionfont \
-command [list choosecolor selectbgcolor 0 $ background setselbg]
-command [list choosecolor selectbgcolor 0 $top.selbgsep background setselbg]
grid x $top.selbgbut $top.selbgsep -sticky w
frame $top.buts
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