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    Sync with Git 2.17.1 · 7913f53b
    Junio C Hamano authored
    * maint: (25 commits)
      Git 2.17.1
      Git 2.16.4
      Git 2.15.2
      Git 2.14.4
      Git 2.13.7
      fsck: complain when .gitmodules is a symlink
      index-pack: check .gitmodules files with --strict
      unpack-objects: call fsck_finish() after fscking objects
      fsck: call fsck_finish() after fscking objects
      fsck: check .gitmodules content
      fsck: handle promisor objects in .gitmodules check
      fsck: detect gitmodules files
      fsck: actually fsck blob data
      fsck: simplify ".git" check
      index-pack: make fsck error message more specific
      verify_path: disallow symlinks in .gitmodules
      update-index: stat updated files earlier
      verify_dotfile: mention case-insensitivity in comment
      verify_path: drop clever fallthrough
      skip_prefix: add case-insensitive variant
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