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    Merge branch 'ab/pcre-v2' · cac53513
    Junio C Hamano authored
    Git can be built to use either v1 or v2 of the PCRE library, and so
    far, the build-time configuration USE_LIBPCRE=YesPlease instructed
    the build procedure to use v1, but now it means v2.  USE_LIBPCRE1
    and USE_LIBPCRE2 can be used to explicitly choose which version to
    use, as before.
    * ab/pcre-v2:
      Makefile: make USE_LIBPCRE=YesPlease mean v2, not v1
      configure: detect redundant --with-libpcre & --with-libpcre1
      configure: fix a regression in PCRE v1 detection
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