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    Merge branch 'jk/maint-reflog-walk-count-vs-time' · d318a399
    Junio C Hamano authored
    Gives a better DWIM behaviour for --pretty=format:%gd, "stash list", and
    "log -g", depending on how the starting point ("master" vs "[email protected]{0}" vs
    "[email protected]{now}") and date formatting options (e.g. "--date=iso") are given
    on the command line.
    By Jeff King (4) and Junio C Hamano (1)
    * jk/maint-reflog-walk-count-vs-time:
      reflog-walk: tell explicit --date=default from not having --date at all
      reflog-walk: always make [email protected]{0} show indexed selectors
      reflog-walk: clean up "flag" field of commit_reflog struct
      log: respect date_mode_explicit with --format:%gd
      t1411: add more selector index/date tests
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