Commit c6f6cc0e authored by Peter Bruin's avatar Peter Bruin

more informative diagnostics on Frobenius polynomials

parent 6451dea3
......@@ -100,16 +100,16 @@ find_extension(GEN group, unsigned long l, unsigned long p,
f_dual = shallowcopy(f);
gel(f_dual, 3) = gmulsg(p, gdiv(gel(f, 3), gel(f, 2)));
gel(f_dual, 2) = gdiv(sqru(p), gel(f, 2));
err_printf("dual polynomial: %Ps\n", f_dual);
factor_coprime(charpoly_Frob, f, &f_primary, projector, l);
err_printf("using factorisation %Ps = (%Ps) * (%Ps) mod %li\n",
charpoly_Frob, lift(f_primary), lift(*projector), l);
check_multiplicity(group, l, p, f_primary, extension_degree);
err_printf("characteristic polynomial of Frobenius: %Ps\n", f);
if(gequal(f_dual, f))
*projector_dual = *projector;
else {
err_printf("characteristic polynomial of Frobenius for the"
" dual representation: %Ps\n", f_dual);
factor_coprime(charpoly_Frob, f_dual, &f_primary, projector_dual, l);
check_multiplicity(group, l, p, f_primary, extension_degree);
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