Commit b6d45893 authored by Peter Bruin's avatar Peter Bruin

rewrite curve_divisor_to_point using matsmall_quotient

parent 9ac01137
......@@ -30,10 +30,7 @@ GEN
curve_divisor_to_point (GEN X, GEN P) {
unsigned long p = curve_base_field_characteristic (X);
GEN T = curve_base_field_polynomial (X);
pari_sp av = avma;
P = matsmall_solve (curve_V (X, 1), P, p, T);
P = matsmall_coker (P, p, T);
return gerepileupto (av, P);
return matsmall_quotient(curve_V(X, 1), P, p, T);
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