Commit 97d60e3b authored by Paul John King's avatar Paul John King

Added usage for the new stuff --

parent 0ed962fb
......@@ -431,6 +431,16 @@ print_machine_usage_message(){
for details of this MAC address.
The command call
${0##*/} examine machine <name>
outputs the CPU count, the RAM, the RAM units, a path to the file-system image,
a path to the backing file-sytem image, the bridge device and the MAC address
of the KVM domain with name <name> as Bourne-shell variable assignments
(suitable for shell evaluation) and returns 0 if the domain exists, and returns
1 otherwise.
The command call
${0##*/} verify machine [-i <ipv4_address] <name> <cpu_count> <ram> <path> <bridge>
......@@ -447,7 +457,7 @@ print_machine_usage_message(){
if the '-i' option is used) exists,
1 is a KVM domain witha name <name> but other parameters exists, and
1 is a KVM domain with name <name> but other parameters exists, and
2 if no KVM domain with name <name> exists.
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