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Added baseURL to config.

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"title": "Pátek",
  • Why do we want to do this? I find it much better (e.g. for local testing) to keep the baseURL as /

    1. Hugo is clever enough, that when using hugo serve, baseURL is automatically set according to the address it is hosted on. If needed, it can be overwritten using a command line parameter.
    2. We use .Permalink, which should include the entire href. If we want to not have the domain part in a link somewhere, we should use .RelPermalink, as that is the "proper" method of getting a link relative to "/", not to the domain.

    It's the same reason, why we have "title" set in the config, instead of having it hardcoded in the <title>. I need to know the domain during generation for the og stuff.

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