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<!-- Thank you for submitting a bug report if you would like to submit a suggestion please change to that template by using the dropdown box next to the title. -->
<!-- Please ensure that you fill in all the required information needed as specified by the template below. -->
<!-- Note: Please ensure that you have logs uploaded to either PasteBin/Gist etc... Do NOT place the logs directly in the issue -->
## Bug Report
<!--- describe the current behaviour -->
## Expected Behaviour
<!--- describe how you think it should behave -->
## Possible Solution
<!--- Not required, but suggest a fix/reason for the bug, -->
## Steps to Reproduce
<!--- Provide a link to a live example, or an unambiguous set of steps to -->
<!--- Add more if needed -->
## Logs
<!-- Upload the latest/crash logs to PasteBin or Gist. DON'T Upload them to GitLab -->
* Client/Server Log:
* Crash Log:
## Client Information
<!--- Include as many relevant details about the environment you experienced the bug in -->
* Java Version:
* Launcher Used:
* Memory Allocated:
* Server/LAN/Single Player:
* Optifine Installed:
* Shaders Enabled:
<!--- Additional Information if you are using a server setup (DELETE THIS SECTION IF YOUR ISSUE IS CLIENT ONLY) -->
## Server Information
* Java Version:
* Operating System:
* Hoster/Hosting Solution:
* Sponge (Non-Vanilla Forge) Server:
<!-- Thank you for submitting a seggestion if you would like to submit a bug report please change to that template by using the dropdown box next to the title. -->
<!-- Please note that everyone working on this does so in their free time so a suggestion may never be added to the mod even if it's a great idea. -->
## Context
<!-- Explain to your what you think should be changed or added and how you think it shold work. -->
# Drop Amnesia
# Contributing
Downloads and more info can be found on [curse](
## Contributing
Everyone is welcome to contribute to this mod by creating a pull request or by creating and issue.
Anyone is free to contribute to the mod through a pull request but it must fit with the theme of the mod. No pull request is guaranteed to be merged.
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