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tweak design documentation

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......@@ -168,10 +168,14 @@ import android.widget.Toast;
* directly affect the UI in {@link #onTagProcessed(Object)}
* </p>
* <a name="non_final"></a>
* <h2>Non-Final Methods</h2>
* <p>
* As a rule of thumb, methods of <code>abstract</code> classes that are not,
* themselves, <code>abstract</code> should be <code>final</code>. This class
* violates that rule for {@link Activity} life-cycle methods like
* themselves, <code>abstract</code> should generally be <code>final</code>.
* This class violates that rule for {@link Activity} life-cycle methods like
* {@link #onCreate(Bundle)}, {@link #onPause()}, {@link #onResume()} etc.
* because of the high degree of likelihood that derived classes will also need
* to override some or all of those particular methods. In all such cases, you
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no"?>
<diagram program="umlet" version="12.0">
_+EMPTY_STRING = "": String_
_-DOUBLE_QUOTE = "\"": String_
_-serialVersionUID = 1L: long_
_-singleton: WifiSettings_
_-URI_SCHEME = "WIFI:": String_
-hidden: boolean
-password: String
-security: Security
-ssid: String
-WifiSettings(): ctor
_+getInstance(): WifiSettings_
-addNetwork(WifiManager manager, String wrappedSsid, String password, Security securityProtcol): int
-addQuotes(String string): String
-parseParameterValue(BufferedReader reader): String
-removeQuotes(String string): String
-skipWhitespace(BufferedReader reader): int
-toSecurity(String parameterValue): Security
+connect(WifiManager manager): ConnectionOutcome
+getActiveConnection(WifiManager manager): boolean
+getContentValues(): ContentValues
+getPassword(): String
+getQrCode(int foregroundColor, int backgroundColor, int size): Bitmap
+getSecurity(): Security
+getSsid(): String
+isHidden(): boolean
+parse(BufferedReader reader): boolean
+parse(InputStream stream): boolean
+parse(Reader reader): boolean
+parse(String uri): boolean
+parse(Uri uri): boolean
+setHidden(boolean hidden): void
+setPassword(String password): void
+setSecurity(Security security): void
+setSsid(String ssid): void
+toString(): String
+update(ContentValues values): void
-initialize(WifiConfiguration configuration): boolean
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