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# A Brief Tour of MyPhotoShare v3.8...
MyPhotoShare has features usually not found in static photo galleries. We offer you a visual tour of some of them.
## A new look for each user
The gallery owner can define global options in the configuration file but each visitor can have a personal look. For instance, the owner will decide if he wants colored or grayed social icons and which social sites to display. But the visitor will be able to have squared thumbnails or rectangular ones, sort the thumbnails by date or by name, etc.
* User options are accessible from a drop down menu on the right top.
![User options](img/myphotoshare-3.4-user-options.png)
* User decided to have squared thumbnails. In that case, if OpenCV is installed on the server, it will be used to center faces in the thumbnails.
![Squared thumbnails, like parent PhotoFloat](img/myphotoshare-3.4-user-options-squared-thumbnails-fr.png)
* User rather wants to have full thumbnails...
![Rectangular thumnails showing the full picture](img/myphotoshare-3.4-user-options-rectangle-thumbnails-fr.png)
## Browse the media the way you want
MyPhotoShare allows you to browse the media by album, by date or by location if the photos are geotagged.
* MyPhotoShare extracts date information and other metadata from pictures' EXIF and sorts your photos by year, month and and day.
![An October photoshoot](img/myphotoshare-3.4-browse-by-date-fr.png)
* If the photos have geotags, this metadata is used by MyPhotoShare and you can browse your media content by location, from country down to city or town. MyPhotoShare includes a database of 10000 location names from []( and you can even update this file to get localized names.
![Browse by country, provine or city](img/myphotoshare-3.4-browse-by-location-fr.png)
* A location icon appears over each media that have geotag metadata.
![Thumbnails with geotags](img/myphotoshare-3.4-geotags-fr.png)
* Click on the location icon to see on a map where the photo was shot.
![This picture was shot in Quebec](img/myphotoshare-3.4-show-location-osm.png)
* Click on a marker to show the photos that were shot there. You can shift-click to add more photos to the popup, and control-click to remove photos. Clicking the heading of the popup, the popup photos are shown as they were a folder, and can be browsed, viewed, enlarged, etc.
![Map with a popup activated clicking on a marker](img/myphotoshare-3.8-map-and-popup.png)
## Add metadata to your pictures
You don't have a GPS and your photos are not geotagged but you know where they were captured and you don't want to loose this information. Or you want to add memories to your photos. Even without having a database or a CMS, MyPhotoShare offers you powerful features that don't lock you to a technology. The gallery owner can add user defined metadata in an `album.ini` file and drop it in a photos directory.
* Edit your metadata in the `album.ini` file with a simple syntax. When you move an album, the metadata follows the media. You can even use the `` script to create skeleton `album.ini` files from your existing albums.
![Add metadata to your pictures](img/myphotoshare-3.4-album-ini-fr.png)
* All metadata can be viewed in the metadata window.
![Access to all metadata](img/myphotoshare-3.4-metadata-fr.png)
## Find a needle in a haystack
We kept the best for the last. Where is this photo you took a few years ago, with your children playing on the beach? MyPhotoShare indexes all texts in album names, photo names and descriptive metadata that you put in `album.ini` files and uses them in the search menu.
* Search by keywords, by part or complete word, case sensitive or not. You can even refine your search results!
![Show me all pictures with a bear](img/myphotoshare-3.4-search-ours-fr.png)
* You can search on the map, too: in the root album, click on the position icon on the top: you will be shown a map with all the (possibly clustered) markers of your geotagged photos! So if you want to find a photo shot in Albania, simply pan/enlarge the map till you are on that country, and then click!
**These are only the tip of MyPhotoShare 3.8 features. Try and discover them by yourselves!**
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