Commit 7885e365 authored by Nicolas Bruguier's avatar Nicolas Bruguier


  - Fix crash with gnome 3.20
parent 9a25ea7d
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switchboard-plug-mouse-touchpad (0.1.1+testing+bzr67-0+pantheon1) unstable; urgency=medium
* New snapshot release.
Author: gandalfn <>
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--- switchboard-plug-mouse-touchpad-0.1.1+testing+bzr67.orig/src/Backend/TouchpadSettings.vala
+++ switchboard-plug-mouse-touchpad-0.1.1+testing+bzr67/src/Backend/TouchpadSettings.vala
@@ -22,7 +22,7 @@ public class MouseTouchpad.Backend.Touch
public string click_method { get; set; }
public double speed { get; set; }
public string left_handed { get; set; }
- public string scroll_method { get; set; }
+ public bool edge_scrolling_enabled { get; set; }
public bool natural_scroll { get; set; }
public TouchpadSettings () {
--- switchboard-plug-mouse-touchpad-0.1.1+testing+bzr67.orig/src/Widgets/TouchpadSection.vala
+++ switchboard-plug-mouse-touchpad-0.1.1+testing+bzr67/src/Widgets/TouchpadSection.vala
@@ -24,7 +24,7 @@ public class MouseTouchpad.Widgets.Touch
private Gtk.Switch tap_to_click_switch;
private Gtk.ComboBoxText click_method_combobox;
private Gtk.Scale pointer_speed_scale;
- private Gtk.ComboBoxText scrolling_combobox;
+ private Gtk.Switch edge_scrolling_switch;
private Gtk.Switch horizontal_scrolling_switch;
private Gtk.Switch natural_scrolling_switch;
@@ -56,10 +56,8 @@ public class MouseTouchpad.Widgets.Touch
pointer_speed_scale.draw_value = false;
pointer_speed_scale.set_size_request (160, -1);
- scrolling_combobox = new Gtk.ComboBoxText ();
- scrolling_combobox.append ("two-finger-scrolling", _("Two-finger"));
- scrolling_combobox.append ("edge-scrolling", _("Edge"));
- scrolling_combobox.append ("disabled", _("Disabled"));
+ edge_scrolling_switch = new Gtk.Switch ();
+ edge_scrolling_switch.halign = Gtk.Align.START;
horizontal_scrolling_switch = new Gtk.Switch ();
horizontal_scrolling_switch.halign = Gtk.Align.START;
@@ -71,15 +69,15 @@ public class MouseTouchpad.Widgets.Touch
//this.add_entry (_("Disable while typing:"), disable_while_typing_switch);
this.add_entry (_("Tap to click:"), tap_to_click_switch);
this.add_entry (_("Physical clicking:"), click_method_combobox);
- this.add_entry (_("Scrolling:"), scrolling_combobox);
+ this.add_entry (_("Edge scrolling:"), edge_scrolling_switch);
//this.add_entry (_("Horizontal scrolling:"), horizontal_scrolling_switch);
this.add_entry (_("Natural scrolling:"), natural_scrolling_switch);
private void create_bindings () {
- touchpad_settings.bind_property ("scroll-method",
- scrolling_combobox,
- "active-id",
+ touchpad_settings.bind_property ("edge-scrolling-enabled",
+ edge_scrolling_switch,
+ "state",
BindingFlags.BIDIRECTIONAL | BindingFlags.SYNC_CREATE);
touchpad_settings.bind_property ("tap-to-click",
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