auto commit of release.xml for daily build

C vendor/x64-uefi b996f784e888bcb50af99757ce015211ec825df2 69ccda10d82a3a9de42214b65039a0abcf7f9ec4
 R b996f78 Merge branch 'static-sb-grub' into 'master'
 R a7b5477 add installer grub target that does not use tpm by default
 R 659f5bc use LABEL=pvroot for not encrypted boot
 R f2628e1 add auto installer option
 R 9ebf5e9 new grub logic to include measured luks partition header into sealing policy; update installer and grub binaries
 R e71d89a hardening: lower grub verbosity
 R 9a23540 hardening: secure-boot locked grub and updated configs
 R ea156b5 update pv-installer image and grub-tpm for new pcr selection
 R 036ce55 wait for entropy and start rngd explicitly in foreground background
 R c473c81 add cryptdisk experience and firmware
 R 42fceff new boot efi binary that uses pcrs to retrieve crypto secet; get new installer and new luks mount command as well as an updated grub.cfg in turn
 R 4c444f9 move pvmnt tools into /btools directory
 R 8874627 add support for plainboot to default grub.cfg
 R d0b71cf do not default TARGET_CRYPT_TPM to yes - honour preset env value
 R 3dc00a4 move trail to skels/diskcrypt directory
 R 1376bb8 refactor key retrieval code and improve logging
 R 80a9725 update installer bits and target grub.cfg to working state
 R c7010f3 add crypt toolbox as SKEL_DIRS in trail/
 R 24252ca update installer with NOCRYPT option
 R cc58ffe make dedicated install and installer boot files to prepare for proper seal/measurements
 R 2906f4b update to latest BOOT EFI and pv-installer.img
 R 9c02daa parse proper kernel commandline for tpm crypt enablement flag
 R 02a11c7 use /dev/sda2 as root for default x64 config now that we have an installer
 R 90acdfd land latest installer binary
 R 6ea15f3 move pvfactory target.confg to pvfactory/config directory
 R 350c9b6 land installer bits
 R 4508e0a move to static and secure boot signed grub EFI
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