Commit 6835f7c7 authored by Alexander (asac) Sack's avatar Alexander (asac) Sack

Merge branch 'dropbear-pv' into 'master'

add dropbear-pv and zlib to repo

See merge request !10
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......@@ -33,6 +33,8 @@
<project name="pv-libpvlogger" remote="gitlab" path="internal/libpvlogger"/>
<project name="lxc" remote="gitlab" path="external/lxc" revision="stable-3.0"/>
<project name="busybox" remote="gitlab" path="external/busybox"/>
<project name="dropbear-pv" remote="github" path="external/dropbear-pv" revision="anyuser-support"/>
<project name="zlib" remote="github" path="external/zlib" revision="pv"/>
<project name="qemu" remote="gitlab" path="external/qemu"/>
<project name="e2fsprogs" remote="gitlab" path="external/e2fsprogs"/>
<project name="mtools" remote="gitlab" path="external/mtools"/>
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