1. 29 Jun, 2022 1 commit
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      auto commit of release.xml for daily build · d6a925d5
      One Cibot Pantacor authored
      C external/trail 2a85d60600edd7b9b9e06be75f139e1ab2a188c1 adfc6712bcfae8b8ee26fb30b69d89f2cdf15271
       A adfc671 add support to sign bsp with PVR_SIG_KEY and include PVR_X5C_PATH
      C scripts 0936ae85265e37ff403b557f34f517bc0580f993 97b265c6d97942d1b9d12e78ffd3db7c9e208fe1
       A 97b265c add support to pass in PVR_SIG_KEY_BASE64 and PVR_X5C_PATH_BASE64 for builders
       A de1ef5c add support to pass through absolute file paths for PVR_SIG_KEY and PVR_X5C_PATH to support signing bsp with pvs
  2. 26 Jun, 2022 1 commit
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      auto commit of release.xml for daily build · 6854ee86
      One Cibot Pantacor authored
      C internal/init ec00c01c291cef1c2570c24c0e2fc4545ab8ddee 2f6f836851eae152398ed678a947a3566df572f6
       A 2f6f836 Merge pull request #97 from pantavisor/fix_corrupt_devmeta
       A 0b21a8b fix: add trailing \0 to buf when copying uname devmeta
  3. 24 Jun, 2022 1 commit
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      auto commit of release.xml for daily build · e61f4ae5
      One Cibot Pantacor authored
      C internal/init add3881d74c921fddcaa1ac899d7a2be0b394ce9 ec00c01c291cef1c2570c24c0e2fc4545ab8ddee
       A ec00c01 Merge pull request #93 from pantavisor/fix/ph_logger_transitions
       A 4af1472 only close ph_logger unix socket on shutdown or reboot
       A 4f35a08 Merge pull request #91 from pantavisor/feature/devmeta-uname-fields
       A 194ff1f Add uname data on different keys
  4. 21 Jun, 2022 1 commit
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      auto commit of release.xml for daily build · 7e15aab9
      One Cibot Pantacor authored
      C internal/init f4ec3d46d4bd2099161c82e956e5110032252db4 add3881d74c921fddcaa1ac899d7a2be0b394ce9
       A add3881 Merge pull request #89 from pantavisor/feature/uname-devmeta
       A 28d7e89 Add system data to dev-meta from the uname command
  5. 18 Jun, 2022 1 commit
    • One Cibot Pantacor's avatar
      auto commit of release.xml for daily build · 72d773de
      One Cibot Pantacor authored
      C ca 5d0caf90f0df044cc9a24826acd4aee0612b9456 d8e23d6b64449baa177ddf04fb7d4e8ce7d1dd4b
       A d8e23d6 add default development pvs ca.cert, x5c and development cert
      C config/toradex 16d3cf1a1164446454aaabe9cf1af8c0572f601e 98c4c5df432a78aebb79d7d23afa2b6eeee34b4d
       A 98c4c5d add DM_VERITY option
       A 8af8ea7 add more dm options for CAAM
  6. 17 Jun, 2022 4 commits
    • One Cibot Pantacor's avatar
      auto commit of release.xml for daily build · 2e2c07c7
      One Cibot Pantacor authored
      A external/keyctl_caam 48e2a73e316c152e0a6ab2e0e8069dd8d454698c
      A external/mxs-dcp b01ecd5326c3e06a7f8f68e9d50266765d98616a
      C vendor/toradex a730d177431f3ce8d2675910d16f0e960234c429 d4f3c040b68935ab0decf3e62e1ddb5d6f87a5fe
       A d4f3c04 move to caam in disks.json for now
    • Alexander (asac) Sack's avatar
      add caam and dcp modules for arm-toradex · 81d4d04c
      Alexander (asac) Sack authored
      Change-Id: If53d4b65617144d30801d6ef5ce8f45281599a4a
    • Alexander (asac) Sack's avatar
      bump external/trail to fix multi dtb shipping in bsp · 9cccc943
      Alexander (asac) Sack authored
      Change-Id: I4c22f11345ca0aba8149602dace180d76f63ba12
    • One Cibot Pantacor's avatar
      auto commit of release.xml for daily build · 61209403
      One Cibot Pantacor authored
      C bootloader/u-boot-mainline 725842f0c4e17ddb319b952b716735d9730120e4 2a3b257d99be9987287b644df220c5f35dd3ded5
       A 2a3b257d99 add env default command feature to reset all environments to default
      C config/toradex 9ef4e14af8ec518956d42dd26d676503f9101859 16d3cf1a1164446454aaabe9cf1af8c0572f601e
       A 16d3cf1 add wireguard linux config fragement
       A 5b49108 add gunzip to busybox
       A 3f57fb5 enable modules required for DM in global.config
       A c474aa9 add more crypto functions to dm.config
       A e44a313 use new standard busybox.config for confort and tools
       A 3e72756 add support for pv_noautorun uboot var to prevent autobooting; also add pv_localrun to allow injecting uboot script run directly before boot
      C internal/init 48ebf20bef9f34eca37075986e6b54c5d9f6f3fd f4ec3d46d4bd2099161c82e956e5110032252db4
       A f4ec3d4 Merge pull request #88 from pantavisor/fix/download-speed
       A a834929 fix download slowdown by doing at most one pantahub call every 3 seconds
      C vendor/toradex 3396e7b79d1a2f89590f6dedebd2e648404f308b a730d177431f3ce8d2675910d16f0e960234c429
       A a730d17 initial firmware.squashfs
       A 0465574 new spin of u-boot-mainline for imx6ull and imx6d
  7. 13 Jun, 2022 2 commits
    • One Cibot Pantacor's avatar
      auto commit of release.xml for daily build · 2fc9bb2d
      One Cibot Pantacor authored
      A ca 5d0caf90f0df044cc9a24826acd4aee0612b9456
      C alchemy 85184ab724056fa3e5064c1bdc7b613762412c5f 6bb8b457baa15ba723374a2e28196965aacc41d3
       A 6bb8b45 Merge branch 'feature/default-ca' into 'master'
       A e1abd19 trust default ca from ca/pki/ca.crt if PV_PVS_CERT_PEM is not configured
      C internal/init 8bb1a37c0c1e4c425fa07553294fb84895bf1bd4 48ebf20bef9f34eca37075986e6b54c5d9f6f3fd
       A 48ebf20 Merge pull request #85 from pantavisor/feature/pantavisor-cgroup
       A 5bba9d9 create and use named pantavisor cgroup (name=pantavisor) to determine ctrl socket caller container
    • Alexander (asac) Sack's avatar
      add pv-developer-ca to runtime · c6bf29c9
      Alexander (asac) Sack authored
      Change-Id: I05df2e4e349afc34cd88c7be1b3c6e88312a431d
  8. 09 Jun, 2022 1 commit
    • One Cibot Pantacor's avatar
      auto commit of release.xml for daily build · cc9bb0bc
      One Cibot Pantacor authored
      C internal/init 5af26bd917022d92704585240a746d5684c927d3 8bb1a37c0c1e4c425fa07553294fb84895bf1bd4
       A 8bb1a37 Merge pull request #84 from pantavisor/refactor-calloc
       A 3b0c687 Merge branch 'master' into refactor-calloc
       A ccb40ff Fix indent
       A 95ec83b Fix indentation and memory size requested
       A 7318968 Refactor calloc in bootloader.c
       A 02b7310 Refactor calloc in buffer.c
       A b5263fb Refactor calloc in config_parser.c
       A 6ec690a Refactor calloc in ctrl.c
       A b050f34 Refactor calloc in drivers.c
       A 12f6290 Refactor calloc in init.c
       A 001eb5a Refactor calloc in pantahub.c
       A 9f3fc35 Refactor calloc in mount.c
       A 7c71e8e Refactor calloc in log.c
       A 2f86acd Refactor calloc in grub.c
       A 05edadc Refactor calloc in objects.c
       A 600ffac Refactor calloc in network.c
       A 35d5c5b Refactor calloc in metadata.c
       A bcd2323 Refactor calloc in parser/parser_system1.c
       A e4beba2 Refactor calloc in parser/parser_multi1.c
       A 721518f Refactor calloc in logger/ph_logger.c
       A dd52172 Refactor calloc in plugins/pv_lxc.c
       A 6499b9b Refactor calloc in utils/base64.c
       A 4a7411c Refactor calloc in utils/json.c
       A fc70bb0 Refactor calloc in pantavisor.c
       A fc1e5ba Refactor calloc in pvlogger.c
       A 9ca08cc Refactor calloc in signature.c
       A d7d8812 Refactor calloc in storage
       A 9a7f65e Fix calloc in system.c
       A b750a1e Fix calloc in state.c
       A cb7f1b1 Refactor calloc in uboot.c
       A 1925fbd Fix callocs in updater.c
  9. 08 Jun, 2022 1 commit
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      auto commit of release.xml for daily build · 1d828ed3
      One Cibot Pantacor authored
      C config/bpi-r64 14e500ae3edfa44bfead9f58de42e5d6b58c5407 1ab57f6ab1ddfddc8c79e048c0d6c8ee0b3b4270
       A 1ab57f6 bump linux.config for new toolchain
       A e12e5eb sync busybox.config with rpi64 348c323d30969b73859bf9d72c59d89e14f9245a
       A c614836 enable saveenv in uboot.config to MMC and use default bananapi r64 dtb
      C config/rpi64 8203f94be2f3a2df0ff1a417609cd32714d8f69b 348c323d30969b73859bf9d72c59d89e14f9245a
       A 348c323 use more advanced busybox features; like autocompletion etc.
      C internal/init ef436351f33d59512ae693f0dfd84e5a5ce868ea 5af26bd917022d92704585240a746d5684c927d3
       A 5af26bd Merge pull request #80 from pantavisor/refactor_file_fs
       A 15f2297 Merge branch 'master' into refactor_file_fs
       A cbacdfc Merge branch 'master' into refactor_file_fs
       A 7cd8bc0 Fix indentation
       A 1435b18 Fix comments
       A 7cc1d2c Add missing sync call
       A b258c60 Remove irrelevant comments
       A 886df2e Rename pv_filesystem_path_join as py_filesystem_path_concat
       A 1616ea9 Remove pv_filesystem_file_get_xattr_dup
       A e7aab30 Change comment style
       A b5a216a Remove unused function
       A 63262a0 Simplify pv_filesystem_path_sync
       A 75c012c Rename pv_filesystem_file_copy_from_fd to pv_filesystem_file_copy_fd
       A 9f6a26a Add sync calls in pv_filesystem_path_remove()
       A 26cd485 Simplify folder creation
       A 827bc0c Remove unnecessary check
       A 9dee1a3 Rename functions as *_filesystem_* instead of *_fs_* to avoid name conficts
       A 0c0b3a2 Add some comments on functions declarations
       A 9f8fb3e Add some line breaks between functions
       A 68a72fc Add function to check and open a file
       A e667201 Add function to gzip a file
       A f3ada8c Add functions to lock and unlock a file
       A 723feeb Add functions to read and write data
       A 63ed1d9 Add function to set file attributes
       A d80e00b Add missing library
       A 16ce327 Add functions to get file attributes
       A 14405f2 Add functions to copy files
       A 6ae97ce Add function to save a file
       A be8d6d5 Add missing include
       A 58de38d Add function to create a temporary file
       A 1c80884 Add function to check the size of a file
       A 6d12792 Add function to rename a path
       A fcfcfdb Add missing library
       A 6c54afc Add function to remove a path
       A e3350b4 Add function to create folders
       A 6a26aa8 Add function to concatenate paths
       A c69b457 Add function to sync a directory
       A c863cf3 Add function to check a directory
       A 0cd0748 Add function to check is path exist
       A 093e9b9 Create filesystem header
      C kernel/linux-stable-bpi-r64 bc543355848b3adf9b963f3594f6751ebae77154 07ca466ab62a4a691cf5e959288dafd2a436dbaa
       A 07ca466ab62a fix mt7622 mmc1 slowness
  10. 06 Jun, 2022 1 commit
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      auto commit of release.xml for daily build · 64cc799a
      One Cibot Pantacor authored
      C internal/init ffe634b66b067fb81288c360190bb55de0eb4319 ef436351f33d59512ae693f0dfd84e5a5ce868ea
       A ef43635 Merge pull request #83 from pantavisor/fix_storage_off_t
       A 95d16b6 fix: storage percentages with off_t instead of unsigned int
  11. 05 Jun, 2022 6 commits
  12. 04 Jun, 2022 1 commit
    • One Cibot Pantacor's avatar
      auto commit of release.xml for daily build · 94b54f8e
      One Cibot Pantacor authored
      C internal/init 866307f99a688fe85d556941fa79fee605c9b58e ffe634b66b067fb81288c360190bb55de0eb4319
       A ffe634b Merge pull request #81 from pantavisor/fix-modules-sub
       A 0231875 Fix realloc falling short during modules substitution
  13. 31 May, 2022 1 commit
    • One Cibot Pantacor's avatar
      auto commit of release.xml for daily build · bbb18aa8
      One Cibot Pantacor authored
      C internal/init fbad6fc72f1ed3d10e7ffb21ffb373b30aae44f4 866307f99a688fe85d556941fa79fee605c9b58e
       A 866307f Merge pull request #79 from pantavisor/bugfix/crash-modprode-calloc
       A e340dd9 fix crash in drivers code due to typo in calloc usage
       A 9318bfc Merge pull request #78 from pantavisor/bugfix/fix-bad-storage-report
       A 49c7a12 Merge branch 'master' into bugfix/fix-bad-storage-report
       A 7b37d17 Merge pull request #75 from pantavisor/devmeta_storage
       A 56b243c Merge branch 'master' into devmeta_storage
       A 1aaa408 Merge pull request #77 from pantavisor/bugfix/invalid-module--definition-NULL-crash
       A 1caa48c Merge branch 'master' into devmeta_storage
       A ad40e40 Fix pv_log calls change PRIu64 by %d
       A 16eea51 Fix functions to avoid overflow
       A 781e88b Change unsigned by unsigned int
       A d4993f1 Replace pv_json_ser_int with pv_json_ser_number to support bigger numbers
       A 3d2bc3e Change off_t by unsigned int to avoid overflow
       A b46bbd8 do not crash if _sub_meta_values cannot parse an illegal driver module
       A bf1f46b add devmeta to storage and allow pvctrl management
      C scripts dd917b049e464c9f3ceb36981fb4f57e7403107b deaa47d2ecdf7ad9541a87a41fbfb549183992a5
       A deaa47d Merge branch 'metadir' into 'master'
       A 01866a3 add new metadata dir to pantavisor.config in appengine default config
  14. 26 May, 2022 1 commit
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      auto commit of release.xml for daily build · fe4e9995
      One Cibot Pantacor authored
      C internal/init f7913aaaa51c313748b618a0181b1d96a598d8b6 fbad6fc72f1ed3d10e7ffb21ffb373b30aae44f4
       A fbad6fc Merge pull request #76 from pantavisor/bugfix/crash-in-sub_meta_values-parser
       A 9b71291 fix crash in _sub_meta_values if metadata values are too long
  15. 25 May, 2022 1 commit
    • One Cibot Pantacor's avatar
      auto commit of release.xml for daily build · 9a14e752
      One Cibot Pantacor authored
      C internal/init 6a82230c0daa17218f64e5ab277a14134585a5e0 f7913aaaa51c313748b618a0181b1d96a598d8b6
       A f7913aa Merge pull request #74 from pantavisor/refactor_roles
       A 2e9a5b9 refactor roles and add them to pvcontrol ls
  16. 24 May, 2022 1 commit
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      auto commit of release.xml for daily build · db17ae62
      One Cibot Pantacor authored
      C external/busybox fb3b7e1353d126be78cd6f4c329a3018db5161d0 838b5e51f408d1c68ce52734de6b5f09e5e3da13
       A 838b5e51f add FOLLOW_X_PID support for pantavisor mdev
      C internal/init 424389dedf1846d0371e588b068589aec1e47557 6a82230c0daa17218f64e5ab277a14134585a5e0
       A 6a82230 Merge pull request #70 from pantavisor/feature/modules
       A e9d9dda Declarative kernel module loading support for BSP
       A ad4d04b add mdev.sh to hooks_lxc-mount.d
  17. 21 May, 2022 1 commit
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      auto commit of release.xml for daily build · d1399636
      One Cibot Pantacor authored
      C internal/init cd63f6f6e4575e36e5e2d2aef41e59cac8cfe614 424389dedf1846d0371e588b068589aec1e47557
       A 424389d Merge pull request #71 from pantavisor/appengine
       A 172180d appengine init mode
      C scripts 8e9af1cc937ed9176ccbf6cf84ef9b3d9f6d5600 dd917b049e464c9f3ceb36981fb4f57e7403107b
       A dd917b0 Merge branch 'appengine_script' into 'master'
       A 6068a98 add new appegine scripts: install, uninstall and run
  18. 16 May, 2022 1 commit
    • One Cibot Pantacor's avatar
      auto commit of release.xml for daily build · e501c9f5
      One Cibot Pantacor authored
      C internal/init 9ad2eb9578bbc9ed269d579e7c4d7f9b861148f9 cd63f6f6e4575e36e5e2d2aef41e59cac8cfe614
       A cd63f6f Merge pull request #73 from pantavisor/remote_address
       A ea514e0 add remote address to dev meta
      C internal/libthttp 719c6204fe5ee70934958c113439ea83790708ba badb5838dd95e6765b9c1fefc826255192f9eeb6
       A badb583 Merge branch 'fix_fd_body' into 'master'
       A 54c2f7d accept fd 0 when creating a fd body in a http request
  19. 13 May, 2022 2 commits
  20. 12 May, 2022 1 commit
    • One Cibot Pantacor's avatar
      auto commit of release.xml for daily build · dc0c7576
      One Cibot Pantacor authored
      C external/busybox 2e99cb323f017bd88128cc0e21b07a9c720cae31 fb3b7e1353d126be78cd6f4c329a3018db5161d0
       A fb3b7e135 fix depends in mdev.c for FOLLOW_X_ROOT config
       A f12cd7033 add support for FOLLOW_X_ROOT env; superseed ROOTFSDIR in turn
  21. 09 May, 2022 2 commits
    • One Cibot Pantacor's avatar
      auto commit of release.xml for daily build · 6666424a
      One Cibot Pantacor authored
      C external/busybox a7265b57743bd5ba1e4a71d69079850c8fd0c065 2e99cb323f017bd88128cc0e21b07a9c720cae31
       R a7265b577 nsenter.c: add -C/--cgropup option similar to util-linux
       R 260d92ec5 fix capget to be run before switching namespaces
       R 1d708b93c Merge branch 'feature/nsenter-caps' into 'pv/1_32_0'
       R 01f3b8fd3 add --caps flag to make nsenter also adopt the same caps that the target process holds
       R a150d59c0 Adding .gitlab-ci.yml and updated .gitignore to not ignore .gitlab-ci.yml
       R 762cdde71 Add atom.mk for Alchemy build
       A 2e99cb323 add support for ROOTFSDIR and MDEV_CONF envs
       A c5b27f41a nsenter.c: add -C/--cgropup option similar to util-linux
       A c18302ac0 fix capget to be run before switching namespaces
       A 0166864ef add --caps flag to make nsenter also adopt the same caps that the target process holds
       A 47150d02d Adding .gitlab-ci.yml and updated .gitignore to not ignore .gitlab-ci.yml
       A 1311226fe Add atom.mk for Alchemy build
       A e512aeb0f Bump version to 1.35.0
       A 97c00ae13 httpd: fix compile failure if !FEATURE_HTTPD_RANGES
       A 4fe954c14 sed: do not ignore 'g' modifier when match starts with ^
       A a05a3d593 ed: align output of read command with POSIX.1-2008
       A f26eb796e ed: fix current line number for file passed via the command-line
       A 7d49fedc8 timeout: add support for "timeout -k KILL_SECS"
       A c1eac153e cmp: code shrink
       A bfd873815 ed: add support for -p command-line option as mandated by POSIX
       A 579894bfd cmp: add support for -n
       A 00d10cb6e docs/embedded-scripts.txt: whitespace fix
       A aaade69ce find: implement -samefile
       A 7105e4afd printf: allow 0 as a flag and allow multiple flags
       A b720629df httpd: do not send Last-Modified / ETag / Content-Length for error pages
       A 70683faf3 httpd: don't send Content-Length in error pages header
       A cb91a818c libarchive/get_header_ar.c: fix extraction of archives from binutils in deterministic mode
       A e67b80f47 udhcpc6: fix udhcp_find_option to actually find DHCP6 options
       A 9b6788071 Makefile.flags: use all cflags for crypt and rt checks
       A b9fba185c wget: allow end-users to customize Content-Type for --post-data and --post-file
       A c7b90dc4d uudecode: special-case "/dev/stdout", closes 14241
       A 27df6aeef tls: P256: factor out "multiply then reduce" operation
       A b240733ae tls: x25519: code shrink by factoring out common code
       A 8514b4166 tls: P256: enable 64-bit version of montgomery reduction
       A 90b0d3304 tls: P256: add 64-bit montgomery reduce (disabled), small optimization in 32-bit code
       A 832626227 tls: P256: add comment on logic in sp_512to256_mont_reduce_8, no code changes
       A 00b5051cd libbb: code shrink in des encryption, in setup_salt()
       A cfb615781 tls: P256: simplify sp_256_mont_inv_8 (no need for a temporary)
       A bfefa6ab6 libarchive: remove duplicate forward declaration
       A 1b93c7c4e tls: P256: pad struct sp_point to 64 bits (on 64-bit arches)
       A 0b13ab66f tls: P256: trivial x86-64 fix
       A f92ae1dc4 tls: P256: change logic so that we don't need double-wide vectors everywhere
       A 9c671fe3d tls: P256: do not open-code copying of struct variables
       A dcfd8d3d1 tls: P256: fix sp_256_div2_8 - it wouldn't use a[] if low bit is 0
       A 8cbb70365 tls: P256: remove redundant zeroing in sp_256_map_8
       A 4415f7bc0 tls: P256: explain which functions use double-wide arrays, no code changes
       A bbda85c74 tls: P256: remove constant-time trick in sp_256_proj_point_add_8
       A 26c852252 tls: P256: do not open-code copying of struct variables
       A 446d13610 tls: tweak debug printout
       A 4bc9da107 tls: P256: 64-bit optimizations
       A 15f7d618e which: add -a to help text
       A 836b79211 cpio: add support for --renumber-inodes like GNU cpio
       A 8aa5585ff cpio: add support for --ignore-devno like GNU cpio
       A aaf3d5ba7 shell: tweak --help
       A 62f1eed1e hush: in a comment, document what -i might be doing
       A c33bbcb92 ed: align output of read/write commands with POSIX-1.2008
       A 94c78aa0b config system: move some options closer to relevalnt tool subdirectories
       A 7c3e96d4b shell: use more compact SHELL_ASH / HUSH config defines. no code changes
       A f4fcd74a6 shell: do not read user database for every prompt - only for those which need it
       A 6ba1f2d0b tar: prevent malicious archives with enormous long name sizes OOMing the machine
       A aec8fbfb8 whitespace fix
       A 5acf5e1f8 shell: fix script's comm field if ENABLE_FEATURE_PREFER_APPLETS=y
       A 23aba8a9a tls: code shrink curve25519
       A 74ee3f2f7 tls: remove unused tls_symmetric.h (was used by old "big" AES code)
       A 376b2ceff chrt: silence analyzer warning
       A d8e39b591 find: code shrink -{m,a,c}{time,min}
       A d3dbf4ac0 *: add more beneficial NOINLINEs
       A 53b2fdcdb *: add NOINLINEs where code noticeably shrinks
       A 5156b2455 Make const ptr assign as function call in clang
       A 04ad683bf find: implement -amin, -atime, -cmin, and -ctime
       A 49bcf9f40 hush: speed up ${x//\*/|} too
       A 5aaeb550b ash: speed up ${x//\*/|} too, make it independent of ASH_OPTIMIZE_FOR_SIZE
       A 21e8dbfd9 ash.c: speedup ${s:} substring (no quotes)
       A 94eb1c4dc libbb: better coreutils compatibility for realpath
       A 86ba007b8 xxd: fix -p -r, closes 13881
       A d315a77a7 resize: use tcgetattr(TCSAFLUSH) instead of TCSANOW, closes 13811
       A ecac9853f mktemp: add --tmpdir option
       A b198e9aa9 tar: improve comments, add FIXMEs. no code changes
       A 049775b2e libbb.h: fix logic selecting incorrect BB_STRTOOFF for !LFS configs
       A 84874785c httpd: if range is not specified, correctly fall back to read/write loop
       A 50c5b36dd help: s/Don't daemonize/Run in foreground/g
       A d2e0d3f51 mdev: tweak --help
       A cf4dc4a09 mount: "mount -o rw ...." should not fall back to RO mount
       A c28313bb1 ip: added support for setting netns on devices
       A eb048a450 ps: fix -o pid=PID,args interpreting entire "PID,args" as header
       A 421c8767b find: Unify time comparisons
       A 0084c4479 config: find: Fix mtime/mmin description
       A 1f925038a *: generalize "const trick"
       A 17e6fb06b tls: whitespace fix
       A 5e9c61702 tls: P256: sp_256_sub_8_p256_mod always subtracts in-place, use that
       A 87e3f2e9f tls: P256: x86-64 optimized sp_256_sub_8_p256_mod
       A 911344a99 tls: P256: x86-64 assembly
       A 22fd8fd3f tls: P256: tweak arm assembly (currently disabled)
       A d74993d31 tls: P@256: remove "header comment is kept intact" comment
       A 567eefcaf tls: P256: do not dumplicate sp_256_sub_8()
       A 00f2cceb6 tls: P256: shrink sp_256_mul_add_8 a bit more
       A c78428461 tls: P256: propagate constants, create dedicated "subtract p256_mod" function
       A 2430fcfd8 tls: optimize sp_256_mont_reduce_8 in P256
       A bbd723ebe tls: optimize sp_256_mul_8 in P256
       A 3b411ebbf tls: replace "26-bit" P256 code with 32-bit one.
       A 55578f2fb tls: fix the case of sp_256_mont_tpl_10() leaving striay high bits
       A 81d8af197 tls: fix (what looks like) a rare corner case bug in P256
       A 92402d5e0 tls: remove one overzealous debugging statement
       A 137864f55 tls: add debugging scaffolding to P256 code
       A 389329efb tls: another P256 code shrink
       A e73050503 tls: P256 code shrink
       A 934bb01d5 tls: "server cert is not RSA" is a fatal error
       A ed9aa8926 wget: implement --post-file
       A 1f5a44d20 tls: add scaffolding to selectively disable ciphers. no code changes
       A 7714518f1 tls: code shrink P256 code
       A ac36e7007 tls: remove unused define
       A 35727f574 less: Ignore -X
       A 5b026d1ec ash: fix compile breakage in !ENABLE_ASH_ALIAS config
       A 03ed86b39 libbb: code shrink in main() and scripted_main()
       A 1be73dd9a shell: fix parsing of $(( (v)++ + NUM ))
       A 62e433131 shell: enable more tests which are passing now
       A d84a60483 shell: fix arithmentic evaluation of "++7" and such (it is + + 7, i.e. 7)
       A 627821e42 libbb/lineedit: tweak #if indenting, no code changes
       A 56f0e886d cal: implement -m
       A f27a6a94a libbb: code shrink parse_datestr (again)
       A 6d2463ac0 libbb/lineedit: do not escape %^=+}]:, escape ~? in tab completion
       A 6279aec03 libbb: clarify what bb_mode_string() generates
       A 3a65435ea libbb: ensure mode_string is NUL terminated
       A 59ac467dc libbb: eliminate a static data array in bb_mode_string()
       A 4958c1813 libbb: code shrink bb_parse_mode
       A 2df4e0a37 chmod: correctly report changed modes
       A 9fe1548bb date,touch: allow timezone offsets in dates
       A 83e20cb81 getopt: code shrink
       A 704c59656 ash: introduce bash-like $FUNCNAME
       A 3512ef801 libbb: code shrink parse_datestr
       A 5726df5f9 ash: let ignoreeof only affect interactive shells
       A 50239a665 ash: stopped jobs should only prevent exit from interactive shell
       A 0beee2097 ash: fix ignoreeof option
       A 9346ea955 df: "support" -H as an alias of -h
       A 40f2dd7dd httpd: fix config deps
       A c00bcf2d2 libbb: reuse "bad port" error message string
       A c421388dc blkdiscard: accept -f (force) as no-op
       A 0599e0f87 basename: implement -a and -s SUFFIX
       A 7ab9cd239 libbb: make bb_lookup_port() abort on bad port names
       A 82c5eb8e4 httpd,telnetd: make default port configurable
       A 857800c65 awk: never return NULL from awk_printf()
       A e60c56932 awk: code shrink
       A 8a0adba9f awk: code shrink: avoid duplicate NUL checks and strlen()
       A 305a30d80 awk: fix read beyond end of buffer
       A eb6077776 ash: eval: Prevent recursive PS4 expansion
       A 48cb983b1 ash: parser: Get rid of PEOA
       A 8c68ae841 ash: parser: Fix alias expansion after heredoc or newlines
       A c54025612 ash: use pgetc_eatbnl() in more places, take 3
       A 1c06ddd8b ash: parser: Save and restore heredoclist in expandstr
       A 30af5938a ash: parser: Fix handling of empty aliases
       A 6a9b3f7ac shuf: add a TODO, code shrink
       A 574b9c446 hush: fix var_LINENO3.tests failure
       A bcff3a7b5 shell/ash_test/run-all: unset locale/language variables
       A 64aa86b72 ash: LINENO starts from 0 in -c SCRIPT mode
       A d6c9cbc07 ash: fix LINENO in functions
       A 0d7dfa901 ash: support testsuite for !FEATURE_SUID_CONFIG_QUIET configs
       A e53c7dbaf hush: fix set -n to act immediately, not just after run_list()
       A f415e21a7 ash: eval: Do not cache value of eflag in evaltree
       A 41beb5378 ash: eval: Check nflag in evaltree instead of cmdloop
       A e0bf3df02 ash: add bash-like ERR trap and set -E
       A 4b032a4d6 chat: hopefully fix infinite spinning on input EOF
       A 7d06d6e18 awk: fix printf %%
       A f4ba69d47 shuf: make -i 99999999990-100000000000 work even on 32 bits
       A 8aa626fff udhcp: add comments, no code changes
       A d7e39f26d examples/var_service/fw/run: allow extif's to be more than one iface
       A 4a36ef11a ash: regressions in process substitution
       A f02691939 dhcprelay: change two more variables to unsigned
       A 3f2d969db udhcp: clarify aspects of relay operation, add TODOs and FIXMEs, tweak --help
       A 62d0c8e02 udhcpd: check config file for bad IP ranges (start > end)
       A d99dee944 udhcpd: update --help to include -a MSEC
       A a51d953b9 vi: further changes to colon addresses
       A 6d3da732a bzip: make ftab[] and crc32table[] member arrays of EState, do not allocate
       A 49a2e484b shuf: in -i RANGE, accept numbers up to width of pointers
       A 60f484346 shuf: with -i LOW-HIGH, do not allow any argv's
       A d59f539d5 shuf: tweak --help text
       A 1b661122a mount: code shrink
       A dbdf9e0ab mount: with -w, do not fall back to read-only mounts
       A 922b58b3e tar,smemcap: silence compiler warning
       A 1e7ca1859 Regularize "NUL terminated input" --help texts
       A 8817e285b shuf: speed-up when limited output is requested
       A 74c4f356a vi: code shrink print_literal()
       A 08ad934ac vi: searches in colon commands should wrap
       A 4357569fd rev: correct output for long input lines
       A 62d5a1e56 tar,smemcap: commonalyze checksumming code for tar header
       A 38e9c8c95 vi: don't right shift empty lines
       A f9217cd23 vi: support ~/.exrc
       A f07772f19 vi: changes to handling of -c and EXINIT
       A 29b53ef03 udhcp: fix build breakage on MIPS
       A 9d286a0a5 Start 1.35.0 development cycle
       A d92294783 Bump version to 1.34.0
       A 540aa1166 scripts/randomtest.loop: let user know about SKIP_MOUNT_MAND_TESTS
       A 9ba502456 fdisk: indentation fix
       A 59243a86d busybox: fix "busybox --help busybox" not showing correct text
       A 8e8cea2a1 awk: fix testsuite
       A d6a720304 vi: fix compile-time error if !ENABLE_FEATURE_VI_SETOPTS
       A 8d718686f tar: fix testsuite
       A 1ce60699c dd: tweak --help
       A b259415b5 dd: fix testsuite
       A d32ef3174 *: remove remains of FEATURE_TOUCH_NODEREF
       A 319e20b56 taskset: disallow "taskset -p 0"
       A ac2d4d88c touch: fix SEGV if !ENABLE_FEATURE_TOUCH_SUSV3
       A eaa8ee40a cut: fix testsuite
       A 21afddefd hush: fix "error: invalid preprocessing directive ##"
       A 2a1ce6b20 traceroute: fix compile error due to FreeBSD compat
       A 98cb561b5 cp: fix build failure with long options disabled
       A 8ae6a4344 tar: exclude files before updating hardlink info list
       A 3d40dfabe tar: simplify addition of --exclude=GLOB to the expansion of -X EXCLFILE
       A 37460f5da hush: tweak ${var/pattern/repl} optimization
       A 49cc3cac3 hush: optimize ${var/pattern/repl} for trivial patterns
       A c450437a4 shell: update psubst testcases
       A 8dd676c6c hush: add missed "undef"
       A b278d82c6 hush: implement $'str' bashism
       A 05c5d745f ahell: update testsuite
       A 53d45c934 ash: speed up ${v//pattern/repl}
       A 1310d7b1d ash: speed up ${v//pattern/repl} if !ASH_OPTIMIZE_FOR_SIZE
       A 0068ce2fa cut: add toybox-compatible options -O OUTSEP, -D, -F LIST
       A dabbeeb79 awk: whitespace and debugging tweaks
       A 95fffd8a7 vi: remove redundant assignment
       A d3480dd58 awk: disallow break/continue outside of loops
       A d62627487 awk: tighten parsing - disallow extra semicolons
       A e6f4145f2 vi: fix regex search compilation error
       A 36feb2682 vi: somewhat more readable code, no logic changes
       A 275920140 vi: allow delimiter in ':s' to be escaped
       A 95ac4a48f vi: allow regular expressions in ':s' commands
       A c76c78740 vi: improve handling of anchored searches
       A 2916443ab vi: use basic regular expressions for search
       A b50ac07cb vi: allow 'gg' to specify a range
       A ab755e371 awk: in parsing, remove superfluous NEWLINE check; optimize builtin arg evaluation
       A 8d269ef85 awk: fix printf "%-10c", 0
       A caa93ecdd awk: fix corner case in awk_printf
       A f5f336e78 tc: fix for parsing of "dev IFACE" and printing of "class list"
       A 39aabfe8f awk: unbreak "cmd" | getline
       A 4ef8841b2 awk: unbreak "printf('%c') can output NUL" testcase
       A 3d57a8490 awk: undo TI_PRINT, it introduced a bug (print with any redirect acting as printf)
       A 49c3ce64f awk: rollback_token() + chain_group() == chain_until_rbrace()
       A e2e380298 awk: fix printf buffer overflow
       A 08ca313d7 awk: simplify tests for operation class
       A cb042b058 awk: restore strdup elision optimization in assignment
       A 90404ed2f awk: match(): code shrink
       A 0e3ef4efb awk: rand(): 64-bit constants should be ULL
       A 2211fa70c awk: do not use a copy of g_progname for node->l.new_progname
       A e1e7ad6b6 awk: support %F %a %A in printf
       A 1f765709e awk: open-code TS_OPTERM, no logic changes
       A 2b65e73db awk: tighten rules in action parsing
       A 717200eb4 awk: rename GRPSTART/END to L/RBRACE, no code changes
       A b705bf553 awk: move match() code out-of-line
       A 646429e05 awk: use smaller regmatch_t arrays, they had 2 elements for no apparent reason
       A a5d7b0f4f awk: fix detection of VAR=VAL arguments
       A 4d902ea9d awk: fix beavior of "exit" without parameter
       A 8bb03da90 awk: rand() could return 1.0, fix this - should be in [0,1)
       A 37ae8cdc6 awk: beautify builtins table, no code changes
       A 47d913389 awk: enforce simple builtins' argument number
       A 786ca197a awk: make builtin definitions more understandable, no code changes
       A 640212ae0 awk: do not special-case "delete"
       A ef5463cf1 awk: shuffle globals for smaller offsets
       A 966cafcc7 awk: use "static" tmpvars in main and exit
       A 1193c68fa awk: when parsing length(), simplify eating of LPAREN
       A 40573556f awk: shuffle functions to reduce forward declarations, no code changes
       A 8b4c42902 awk: use static tmpvars instead of nvalloc(1)ed ones
       A 1573487e2 awk: rename temp variables, no code changes
       A d7354df16 awk: evaluate all, even superfluous function args
       A ca9278ee5 awk: rewrite "print" logic a bit to make it clearer
       A d15071016 awk: allow empty fuinctions with no arguments, disallow function redefinitions
       A 86fc2872b awk: replace incorrect use of union in undefined function check (no code changes)
       A 6cf6f1eae awk: remove custom pool allocator for temporary awk variables
       A f99800758 modprobe: when reading modules.builtin, use basenames of files from it
       A 3aff3b9cb awk: assorted optimizations
       A b3c91a127 awk: free unused parsing structures after parse is done
       A 21fbee2e8 awk: document which hashes are used at what state (parse/execute)
       A 6872c193a awk: fix parsing of expressions such as "v (a)"
       A 686287b5d awk: deindent a block, no code changes
       A 216d3d8ad awk: code shrink
       A 4f27503a1 awk: get rid of "move name one char back" trick in next_token()
       A f414fb441 awk: when parsing TC_FUNCTION token, eat its opening '('
       A cb6061a4e awk: g_buf[] does not need a separate allocation
       A 926420795 awk: simplify parsing of function declaration
       A 9782cb777 awk: rename TC_SEQSTART/END to L/RPAREN, no code changes
       A a493441ca awk: deindent code block, no code changes
       A adcd9a6f3 awk: use TS_foo for combined token classes. No code changes
       A 832cb4fcb awk: make ltclass ("last token class") local to next_token()
       A af0172369 awk: remove redundant check
       A 5dbbd0a6f vi: stored search pattern applies to ':s'
       A 0231e3442 ls: revert last change (short name must be allocated)
       A 78645d837 awk: move locals deeper into scopes where they are used, no logic changes
       A 8c5da0323 awk: more efficient -f FILE, document what "some trick in next_token" is
       A 53a7a9cd8 ash: parser: Fix VSLENGTH parsing with trailing garbage
       A ad57e4e4b ash: revert accidental change (should have been separate)
       A 53e5c5982 fdisk: commonalize strings
       A a84bbc542 cp,mv: fix -t DIR option
       A 294d0c85a xxd: compat tweak for -i
       A 2dade4f18 uniq: really support -z
       A 3b267e992 switch_root: code shrink - use iterate_on_dir()
       A 4a6869752 libbb: do not check closedir() in remove_file()
       A 6481070eb nproc: code shrink
       A df96a3cd0 ls: code shrink
       A 6d61eb136 taskset: use iterate_on_dir()
       A 1746218be move iterate_on_dir() from e2fsprogs to libbb
       A 87c40cf4d e2fsprogs: code shrink
       A 9468ea06d lsattr,chattr: do not open e.g. device files unless asked directly; do not follow links
       A 0e55af6c6 chattr: if IOC_FSGETXATTR fails, do not try IOC_FSSETXATTR
       A 5c89e5a04 vi: fix read outside of text buffer during insert
       A e03b49477 cpio: fix sscanf on unterminated buffer
       A 5709b51a7 chattr: fix "chattr =ae -R FILE"
       A 85a5bc914 chattr,lsattr: share stat error message
       A 96436fb36 e2fsprogs/*: remove ioctl calling obfuscation
       A e7ff017a1 chattr: update list of attributes in --help
       A 56bbbfae7 cp: implement -n
       A 91b9549a8 crc32: code shrink for !CKSUM config
       A 836580a7d cksum: fix handling of read errors
       A ea9b96e5a crc32: new applet
       A 0ec52d438 cp: implement -t DIR
       A 1de709fda cp: preparatory indenting of code block, no code changes
       A 34d79c9aa ascii: new applet
       A 51358757c vi: fix backward search with GNU regex
       A ac4786ba0 qwk: make code clearer, no actual code changes
       A d82c937a3 df: support -t TYPE
       A a2a9113f3 df: POSIXLY_CORRECT sets _default_ scale, -m/-h overrides it
       A d71c7892a shred: with -u, unlink file even if it is zero length
       A ec3170ac9 shred: implement -s SIZE
       A 83dff7f43 lsattr: support more ext2 flags
       A 526b83479 lsattr,chattr: support -p
       A 9c291f2cc taskset: fix for PID longer than 12 chars
       A 25128176c taskset: implement -a
       A 97c3b5e3f hush: fix bkslash+newline handling and number validation in ${NN} and ${#NN}
       A fd217c1cb awk: after preinc/dec, only allow variable, field ref, array ref, or another preinc/dec
       A dc30f3dce free: implement -h
       A 2c436679f xxd: implement -i "C style output"
       A 25fe2d50b xxd: do not try reading from closed stdin when non-existent file is given
       A 4d1616179 xxd: implement -o DISPLAYOFFSET
       A a0f8076d1 hexdump: fix error message
       A f02b64de8 ionice: implement -t
       A c11379688 env: implement -0
       A 91bc01c59 mv: implement -t and -T
       A 894466cc5 uniq: support -z
       A 038d40070 vi: reject change command when motion fails
       A ac04eb365 vi: up/down motion beyond end of file should fail
       A f1d21b743 vi: keep autoindent if line isn't empty
       A e7a8e8e30 du: support -b "apparent size"
       A 46d315ae4 blockdev: support --get/setra
       A 609df6f22 *: more --help tweaks
       A 57be5daa4 lsof: print fd# too
       A 1abaa6b84 telnetd: give inetd.conf example in --help
       A a885ce1af awk: fix use-after-free in "$BIGNUM1 $BIGGERNUM2" concat op
       A 83a4967e5 hush: fix handling of "cmd && &"
       A 1b7a9b68d hush: fix handling of \^C and "^C"
       A 04f052c56 unlzma: fix a case where we could read before beginning of buffer
       A 4d4fc5ca5 man: fix segfault in "man 1"
       A e47000490 shuf: simplify check that we have at least one FILE
       A 1f60d88cf *: more --help tweaks
       A ebe8c14d3 udhcpc: do not use inet_addr() to parse -r REQ_IP, it's deprecated
       A 9e27fed6b udhcpc: rename server_addr to server_id, fix id comparison if it's not specified
       A 827b690fa udhcpc[6]: do not pass xid around, keep it in client_data.xid
       A 40a327aea udhcpc: send client-id option in DHCPDECLINE
       A 52c4b7ac3 vi: initialise tabstop once not for each file
       A f7ed0e8ae vi: ':r' should insert text after current line
       A e2b921586 *: --help tweaks
       A 643b30802 base32/64: accept -i "skip bad chars" option (currently in effect unconditionally)
       A 6f7b10cda *: more --help tweaking
       A 1849285a2 *: more --help tweaks, mostly expanding ts --help
       A 6b6826f0b *: --help tweaks
       A aece2c5f0 bc: tweak overflow detection in a^b
       A e36c39a46 bc: code shrink: combine init() and copy() where we can
       A e5958f7dd bc: fix for mul overflow in scale calculation in a^b
       A 4d983dcdd httpd_post_upload.cgi: use mktemp to avoid $RANDOM
       A 4c4b02c29 ash: save Ron's patch from oblivion
       A 457825f77 shells: do not allow bare "read" in non-bash compat configs
       A a1b0d3856 ash: add process substitution in bash-compatibility mode
       A 8c1f8aa01 run-parts: permit dot later in file name
       A 947a22b33 build system: use SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH for timestamp if available
       A 1b30c63df shell: also do word splitting when -d DELIM is used
       A c0f8113f8 gen_build_files: Use C locale when calling sed on globbed files
       A 274ce6cce udhcpc: revert deprecation message for -V
       A 5a72b0cd7 runsv: code shrink: use single handler function for SIGTERM and SIGCHLD
       A 5dadd497f runsv: robustify signal handling - SIGTERM to child between vfork and exec could mess things up
       A d3e109030 tcp/udpsvd: robustify SIGCHLD handling
       A ac444861b svlogd: if processor's stdin can not be opened, do not try ad infinitum
       A 08ea7be73 ls: trim --help text
       A df0383c62 libbb: correct the name of is_TERM_dumb()
       A 3d9c64915 ls: don't output any colors with TERM=dumb
       A 5a3d3b805 udhcpd: don't hardcode treating .0 and .255 specially
       A b1a2762ec cpio: fix "cpio -d -p A/B/C"
       A 327b9f884 nslookup: mention QUERY_TYPE SRV
       A ecaf8e8d0 udhcpc[6]: on SIGUSR1, do not go from rebind to renew state
       A f6def87a2 udhcpc: code shrink, rename functions, no logic changes
       A 2f1d13d56 examples/udhcp/udhcpd.conf: update
       A 0d15d5bcc udhcp: shrink arpping()
       A 774020c22 udhcp: convert log1s() macro to function
       A 1c7253726 udhcpc[6]: when renewing, send 1 packet (not 3), on failure go back to BOUND
       A 01daecca1 udhcpc[6]: remove superfluous "created raw socket" log message
       A 4bbc391c7 udhcpc: improve logs - show offer as it is received
       A 0ae53451c udhcpc[6]: close listening socket more eagerly (e.g. across script runs)
       A 949e9621d udhcpc: get rid of client_data.fqdn field
       A 698cdef53 udhcpc: remove deprecated -H/-h HOSTNAME options (9 years), deprecate -V VENDOR
       A 265fcddd0 udhcpc: include client-id option in DECLINEs, even if it's a custom -x 61:HEX option
       A 9659a8db1 vi: remove autoindent from otherwise empty lines
       A 16e2fa904 vi: make autoindent respect expandtab setting
       A d95f89ec5 vi: make cursor positioning more vi compatible
       A f193aeac1 tail: do not lose the tail of old file if new file (-F) is detected
       A e0ea125ce tail: fix typo in variable name
       A b9258b86a head,tail: trim --help text
       A 687f41f10 udhcpc[6]: fix "untangle timeout and remaining lease" fallout
       A 7de0ab21d login: permit change expired password wit PAM
       A ac4a0b3be httpd: add comment about faster rejection of denied IPs
       A ad16f8954 httpd: if no request was given at all, close the socket without generating error page
       A 91a58b207 httpd: no need to strcpy() when we only need to copy one byte
       A 5b34a5594 httpd: avoid extra stat() calls for "GET /dirname/" case
       A 1c6981788 httpd: avoid one stat() call for "GET /dirname" case
       A 32a8258be httpd: support HEAD requests even in !CGI config
       A ff4d898fe httpd: move proxy check before URL duplication and request type check
       A 36e932abd httpd: cgi-bin support for DELETE, PUT, OPTIONS etc methods
       A 8e71f2aab vi: :wq/:x should warn if there are more files to edit
       A 24effc7a3 vi: cursor positioning after whole-line 'y'
       A 147ac93a0 decompress_gunzip: simplify ERR_RET bit clearing
       A 74e1f321c vi: trivial code shrink
       A e6007c491 udhcpc[6]: fold perform_renew() into its only caller
       A a1a77ad5e udhcpc[6]: untangle "timeout" and "remaining lease"; reduce min lease to 30 seconds
       A e71ea6c1f wget: allow HTTP 307/308 redirects
       A 0c42a6b07 vi: fix empty line range regression
       A b35eef538 tls: code shrink in curve 25519
       A acd3079fd vi: expand '%' and '#' in colon commands
       A 852ffbee3 vi: fix buffer overrun; code shrink
       A dadd90974 vi: improvements to ':read' command
       A e6bc8a29a vi: preserve state when switching file
       A b9aaa375a vi: 'ZZ' should warn if there are more files to edit
       A 09172582d vi: saving unnamed file in readonly mode
       A 3b9233f05 vi: adjust conditional compilation of modifying_cmds
       A 7a8ceb4eb vi: changes to line addresses for colon commands
       A 81f9a0035 tls: tweak sp_256_ecc_gen_k_10 for smaller code
       A 840ae6961 tls: shrink sp_256_mod_mul_norm_10 more
       A 646e85629 tls: shrink sp_256_mod_mul_norm_10
       A 48a18d15d tls: shrink p256_base more
       A 39a3ef51b tls: shrink p256_base
       A a2bc52dd4 tls: reorder P256 functions to make more sense
       A e52e43c72 tls: whitespace fixes
       A d728a30c2 tls: add a patch with optimization which _should_ give better code
       A 9a40be433 tls: get rid of constant-time add/sub operations
       A 120401249 tls: fix whitespace in P256 code
       A 93b886f54 tls: shrink sp_256_mont_inv_10
       A 6381f3d4f tls: stop passing temporary buffer address in P256 code
       A 772e18775 tls: shrink sp_256_proj_point_dbl_10
       A b3b1713a5 tls: in P256 replace constant-time compares with usual ones
       A 4d3a5c135 tls: simplify sp_256_proj_point_dbl_10
       A 03ab2a90b tls: simplify array manipulations in sp_256_ecc_mulmod_10
       A 166363f47 tls: get rid of address obfuscation trick in P256
       A 074b33bf1 tls: simplify sp_256_ecc_gen_k_10, cosmetic changes
       A 6b69ab68b tls: make x25519 key generation code more similar to P256
       A f18a1fd6f tls: implement secp256r1 elliptic curve (aka P256)
       A 121b02d6b inetd: deinline machtime() - gcc gets it wrong
       A 6ca36077c tls: "server did not provide EC key" is fatal
       A d005c9f4c libbb.h: inline byteswaps
       A 972e29881 tls: make constant basepoint9[32] array 8-byte aligned
       A 6c6470b38 gcc-version.sh: fix for "invalid number" message during Android NDK builds
       A 20b224046 tls: further reduce register pressure in i386 assembly
       A 21367b283 tls: reduce register pressure in i386 assembly (helps Android to compile)
       A f277c9eeb vi: make de-indentation with ctrl-D more like vim
       A 310ef2328 vi: add expandtab option
       A d9136efd7 gcc-version.sh: Cygwin fix
       A b65e7f629 vi: move undo_queue_state in globals to other byte-sized members
       A f22772683 vi: allow line addresses to have an offset
       A 47f78913f vi: allow backward search to specify line address
       A d488def0e vi: detect and warn about invalid line addresses
       A 5d1bb58b1 vi: code shrink colon line addresses
       A 74d565ff1 vi: make context marks more like vi
       A 47c3eaa22 vi: correct autoindent for 'O' command
       A ac6495f6f vi: allow ctrl-D to reduce indentation
       A d6e653d66 vi: don't move cursor when yanking whole lines
       A 38ae0f3e3 vi: reset command count when specifying '0' range
       A 033fa3d5c vi: code shrink motion by paragraph
       A d9d19896a vi: position cursor on last column of tab
       A 9b2a3895e vi: correctly record deleted characters
       A c0943ac45 platform.h: fix for Bionic >= 21 not having wait3()
       A cca4c9f4c unzip: add -t
       A afc766fc1 unzip: fix for .zip archives with >4GB file
       A 1a45b2cce fix "warning array subscript has type 'char'"
       A eb1b2902b Makefile.flags: add a test for -lrt availability
       A 7c813fbab echo: fix !ENABLE_FEATURE_FANCY_ECHO build
       A fe2d8065e fix gcc-11.0 warnings
       A ba9f9c2d2 *: --help text tweaks
       A 93f1255af touch: shorten --help text
       A d156bcf71 touch: code shrink
       A fe9507f8c touch: fix -am
       A 4eb46e1be dd: support iflag=count_bytes
       A 7b5cbfd6d vi: allow writing to another file if this one is readonly
       A 27c1bc8df build system: avoid build failure during bisection
       A f0c0c56e9 hush: beautify ^D handling to match ash / bash
       A 50a37459f watchdog: make open-write-close-open functionality a config knob
       A 9c210f0ef touch: fix previous commit
       A 6b6ff8029 touch: make FEATURE_TOUCH_NODEREF unconditional
       A 363005450 touch: code shrink
       A 6f63a2ba0 touch: code shrink
       A e3c6a0973 touch: prevent usage of -r and -t at once
       A 79c92dbd7 touch: switch to using utimensat() and futimens()
       A 1a181264d touch: unbreak -h
       A 7ec254467 touch: remove unneeded GETOPT32 defines
       A de1a49cb4 touch: fix atime set from reference file
       A 520bb3eac touch: add SUSv3 options -a and -m
       A 7323bca1b lineedit: fix tab completion with equal sign
       A f4a9908b4 vi: improvements to reporting of changes
       A 99fb5f214 vi: issue a warning on failure to find a character
       A 6220b4d53 vi: make the substitute command more like vi
       A 951c6ded3 vi: make put commands more like vi
       A a54450248 vi: allow the '.' command to have a repetition count
       A fe76569da vi: allow 'r' command to be aborted, repeated
       A b18c7bf70 vi: improvements to undo
       A e577afca7 vi: more fixes to range selection by word
       A b7b1119d9 vi: improvements to range selection
       A 7ce0e75c1 vi: code shrink search commands
       A 9f017d9db vi: changes to option handling
       A 24198f652 vi: deal with invalid movements in shift commands
       A a25b4c2c4 vi: code shrink
       A d56da6805 vi: improve operations involving paragraph movement
       A 8b571bd7b vi: improve motion by paragraph
       A d3b74826c vi: allow repetition count for paragraph motion
       A 1e84daf05 vi: allow motion count for change/delete/yank/shift
       A d4c46037a vi: support more commands for range selection
       A 15f4ac3ca vi: improvements to character search within line
       A 50a2db7df vi: remember cursor column during vertical motion
       A 18871c3f2 vi: 'G'/'M' commands move to first visible character
       A 5ae25f40b vi: don't overwrite existing file
       A 25d259264 vi: make buffer handling more vi-like
       A 776b56d77 vi: code shrink
       A 7b4c2276a vi: fix word operations across line boundaries
       A 1195782d7 ntpd: code shrink (force not-inlining, stop returning structs)
       A c2bd0b680 timeout,top,watch,ping: parse NN.N fractional duration in locales with other separators
       A 14ed4ec8a resume: write offset in /sys/power/resume_offset
       A 2a2ca9353 login: implement LOGIN_TIMEOUT
       A fe78d70ec udhcpc: ignore zero-length DHCP options, take 2
       A 1c461df70 udhcpc: ignore zero-length DHCP options
       A f26e5634b echo: special case "echo --help": it should not show help text
       A f25d254df decompress_gunzip: Fix DoS if gzip is corrupt
       A cbfdeba66 hush: make LINENO selectable without BASH-COMPAT
       A b6e6c83ab wget: new option FEATURE_WGET_FTP to enable/disable FTP
       A 0b25e810e bloat-o-meter: avoid double counting
       A 307cd26e9 start-stop-daemon: explain -x + -a test
       A 2d48d9b1c ntpd: tweak comments
       A 2d6c175d9 ntpd: decrease INITIAL_SAMPLES from 4 to 3
       A 70ee23399 vi: code shrink
       A 63d9da322 vi: restore 0 offset after :set noXXX command
       A 9b6bcfda0 bc: typo fix in comment
       A 9037757c5 dc: more docs in --help
       A 1a37aa7a8 dc: document what non-GNU commands do
       A ace81cd46 bc/dc: fix length(0) and length(0.000nnn) result
       A 3d88cc1d3 dc: correct --help text
       A 1f9ed02ca trylink: do not drop libs from CONFIG_EXTRA_LDLIBS
       A e880c9c10 echo: do not assume that free() leaves errno unmodified
       A 760b627e2 lineedit: support empty PATH entries in tab completion
       A 858f8aafa diff: code shrink
       A 9fa7d7d97 dnsd: check that we don't read past packet
       A a4959eef7 udhcp: reuse strings
       A 855aeacfb ntpd: log responses to clients at log level 3
       A 2620d3871 ntpd: without INITIAL_FREQ_ESTIMATION code, state variable is not needed too
       A 423c4c25d ntpd: remove unused USING_INITIAL_FREQ_ESTIMATION code
       A 5024d8625 ntpd: increase loglevel to 3 for "poll:32s sockets:0 interval:64s" message
       A 64483324c udhcpc: clarify bcast/unicast sends in logs, include server ID
       A 6bdfbc4cb libbb: fix '--help' handling in FEATURE_SH_NOFORK=y
       A 33745b1fc ash: placate -Werror=format-security
       A 666a9a4c4 applets/usage_pod.c: placate gcc
       A d40358a1c Makefile.flags: fix the OS detection for libresolv
       A cad3fc743 libbb: introduce and use fputs_stdout
       A 6ad38d66d libbb: code shrink fgets_str
       A c849e72c0 nl: ensure '-b n' option displays file content
       A 27ae859c5 cryptpw: typo in usage message
       A 5bef6781f vi: fix range selection by forward character motion
       A bcf91d276 libbb: code shrink and speed up index_in_strings()
       A 59120c330 libbb: code shrink and speed up find_applet_by_name()
       A e8fe9f963 awk: allow printf('%c') to output NUL, closes 13486
       A f3a55b306 traceroute: fix option parsing
       A 808d93c0e update_passwd: fix context variable
       A 2b7c1aa92 ash: match bash behavior for ${empty_var/*/repl}
       A 883cdb79a ash: fix ${unset_var/pattern/repl}
       A cc4303f5e bc: code shrink
       A 2266c12a7 pmap: fix column width, closes 13431
       A 4a4b453a8 Fix for the FEATURE_UTMP on the FreeBSD
       A 0197fbffb bc: ^C on input line exits (unlike ^C during calculations, which does not)
       A 4455cffa3 Fix mail compilation on the FreeBSD
       A 2b94c053d Fix traceroute applet on the FreeBSD
       A ca2dc96be Fix ping build on the FreeBSD
       A f1baa4a6b Fix ntpd compilcation on the FreeBSD
       A 28759d0e9 Fix mknod compilation on the FreeBSD
       A 09aba8bac Fix missing "crypt.h" compilation error on the FreeBSD
       A 92d84c401 Fix klogd applet compilation on the FreeBSD
       A dae90bbcc Fix httpd compilation on the FreeBSD
       A d4624d346 Fix bb_setpgrp weapper on the FreeBSD
       A 054493350 Do not add -lresolv on non-Linux systems
       A 4e039bab3 ash: improve --help
       A 3b053051c hush: code shrink
       A 8b085d60b nuke: default to N
       A 85158b600 ash: code shrink
       A 3f8ec00b0 ash: make a strdup copy of $HISTFILE for line editing
       A 5f2e00f66 udhcpc: Add support to change default interface name
       A 868f38369 tls: code shrink
       A 9daa877d6 tar: add TODO about a bug with non-writable directories on extract
       A 49fd1d69b nslookup: do not print "No answer" for NODATA replies, closes 13006
       A 3c13da3da libbb: introduce and use xgettimeofday(), do not truncate 64-bit time_t in shells
       A 89a55972f libbb/procps: smaller global data for username/groupname cache
       A b230ff9d8 *: use fopen helpers where appropriate
       A 04e0d8e57 httpd: fix offset for sendfile
       A 29a9043b3 bc,dc: make BC_LINE_LENGTH/DC_LINE_LENGTH more compatible with GNU
       A cba45d9b6 Start 1.34.0 development cycle
       A a4c3a3413 Bump version to 1.33.0
       A ec9a5e608 libiproute: band-aid for old uclibc missing IFA_FLAGS
       A fecb1693c modprobe-small: convert to new recursive_action() API
       A 40f9fe216 bc: placate gcc (it thinks 's' can be uninitialized here)
       A 77a51a270 randomconfig fixes
       A c7ef81876 hush: make comment more clear
       A 1462673dd man: implement SECTION parameters
       A cad20ced8 typo fix
       A 1237d627e hush: fix this case: echo "SCRIPT" | hush
       A 46a71dc30 hush: if !EDITING, do not regenerate prompt for every input char
       A 6cfec7dd0 mount: Surround syslog.h with the config check
       A 51a471d05 ash: change "clear ungetc counter on syntax errors" fix to match dash
       A 521220ed1 hush: fix ^C in INTERACTIVE, !EDITING config
       A 18bcaf374 hush: revert "make interactive ^C break out of PS2 mode"
       A 649acb9e2 hush: fix PS1 prompth in !EDITING config
       A a7b52d26c hush: fix fallout from tweaking ${var:START:LEN} code
       A 93e2a2248 shell: for signal exitcode, use 128 | sig, not 128 + sig - MIPS has signal 128
       A 0ab2dd4f2 hush: fix comment
       A 6297d66ed factor: fix comment
       A 6452c3003 factor: detect squares
       A 96717d9fb lineedit: code shrink
       A fae7332eb lineedit: add a comment about possible use of tcflush()
       A 00eb23b47 bc: do not allocate line editing state until needed
       A e4202df09 modprobe: Add support for modprobe.blacklist=module1,module2,...
       A 07abc7c6f hush: deal with FIXMEs for corner cases in parameter expansion
       A 901d2c386 factor: fix typo in undef
       A 3e544d6ec factor: code shrink
       A f079f9137 factor: 30% faster trial division (better sieve)
       A bb4e32bef hush: remove one redundant getpid() on every startup
       A c8f6c1d77 ping6: add -w/-W NUM to --help
       A bc2c1b4f8 ping: fix -wN to not think that one packet is always lost
       A 2124c0ec9 ash: clear ungetc counter on syntax errors
       A 4152b4118 tftp: fix --help
       A ddc6dfdb4 route: code shrink
       A b164cdb85 help text tweaks, mainly expanding one for route
       A 8cc3a744f help text: use -P PORT form
       A a2f18d950 help text tweaks
       A 15733cb48 mount: if we race with other loop mount, we forget to close loop dev
       A 251e08ffa move ADJTIME_PATH define to header files
       A a4c5cb233 traceroute: fix --help text
       A ff4ca1850 traceroute: avoid collecting target local address if !VERBOSE
       A 4bc59a4cf mount: fix a race when a free loop device is snatched under us by another mount.
       A cd48f0711 mail: launch_helper(): flush stdio before vfork, set G.helper_pid only in parent
       A b0e7cb4c3 mail: deobfuscate launch_helper()
       A b6237c065 mail: commonalize send_r_n()
       A 25b268005 mail: move "opts" from globals
       A 91e330a53 shells: a fix for systems without RLIMIT_NICE
       A 072313162 Fixes for Hurd build
       A bb1596933 libbb: do not compile selinux_or_die() if !SELINUX
       A 39646dce3 build system: make -static-libgcc selectable in config
       A eb0c2e218 libbb: introduce and use xsettimeofday()
       A d3c36882d hwclock: improve --help (-l is a compatible shortcut for --localtime)
       A 9e262f13c hwclock: fix musl breakage of settimeofday(tz)
       A a97a795dc lineedit: disable completion and fancy prompts if no shells are selected
       A 1d180cd74 lineedit: use strncmp instead of is_prefixed_with (we know the length)
       A eaced1ec8 lineedit: remove ->path_lookup if ash is not configured
       A 8baa643a3 lineedit: match local directories when searching PATH
       A 8506dd673 lineedit: omit directories when tab-completing from PATH
       A caba1a16e tweak help texts
       A 9b44deac0 ntpd: allow non-root to run it (e.g. with -w option)
       A 73d93d9f8 libbb: make pw_encrypt() die if supplied salt is bad (e.g. emply)
       A f3d6711c9 udhcpc6: code shrink - sending functions do not need ifindex parameter
       A b817699e6 udhcp: bind to device even for ucast packets
       A 01004f979 libbb: enable fixed 4k pagesize for 32bit ARM
       A 4a9ec9556 tls: code shrink in AES code
       A fad8d6b6c build system: combat gcc zealotry in data alignment, now for x86_64 too
       A 2aaacc145 dd: support for O_DIRECT i/o
       A c7b858ff8 libbb: add and use infrastructure for fixed page size optimization
       A fd3c512f8 libbb: create and use mmap() helpers
       A db793480c build system: combat gcc zealotry in data alignment
       A a8e19608f hush: code shrink
       A 84d5eddb2 help text: replace [OPTIONS] with actual options (if not too long)
       A 63139b531 hush: if login shell, also source ~/.profile
       A 1b367cbed examples: remove /sbin/ prefixes, system should be configured with $PATH to find utilities
       A 5d553bc55 more --help text tweaks
       A 11f1a2553 help text tweaks
       A 49142d48b hush: NOMMU fix for hush-psubst/tick6.tests
       A 9cabd17e5 hush: fix -c SCRIPT handling
       A 31df5a3ee ash: reset SIGHUP earlier: allows HUP traps in .profile, closes 13371
       A 6c5f4296d traceroute: code shrink
       A 623e55a39 traceroute: even with -v, don't show other ping processes reply's
       A d067acb00 traceroute: simpler hexdump()
       A b4b182807 traceroute: make "ipv4 or ipv6?" cheaper to find out
       A 805517312 traceroute: don't set SO_DONTROUTE on recv socket, it only affects send
       A 724c7df68 traceroute: untangle main loop
       A e76f03b26 traceroute: commonalize verbose printing
       A df5c5394b traceroute: set IP_PKTINFO to see correct local IP of received pkt (fixes -v display)
       A cc55bbef7 traceroute: code shrink
       A 70726640b traceroute: code shrink
       A d0dea1790 traceroute: code shrink
       A 3978adc44 traceroute: fix traceroute6 -I (icmp mode)
       A ef2366cdc nsenter: stop option parsing on 1st non-option
       A 030fe3176 libbb: make msleep() result in only one syscall instead of looping
       A 56ee57650 mount: fix incorrect "success" exitcode if loop device setup fails
       A e7d853b4e wget: do not ftruncate if -O- is used, closes 13351
       A abaee4aad mkdtemp: proper error detection on mktemp
       A c9b93cf29 tar: expand --help
       A 34c5115a7 mount: implement -o nosymfollow, remove bogus -o union
       A 696c38ddc mount: add -o nostrictatime and -o [no]lazytime
       A b1eedfcfa mount: do not guess mount as NFS if "hostname:" contains slashes
       A 758c2bd58 awk: add a test that $NF is empty
       A f4f6e5144 libbb: exec_login_shell() - new function
       A 0622416fe libbb: code shrink in exec_shell()
       A 2075aa93e libbb: rename run_shell() to exec_shell()
       A b4f93f562 mount: do not guess bind mounts as nfs
       A 665a65953 awk: FS regex matches only non-empty separators (gawk compat)
       A 50ead33c4 login: log to syslog every bad password, not only 3rd
       A 6599e380e mount: make filesystems[] array byte-aligned
       A 6cc4962b6 decrease padding: gcc-9.3.1 slaps 32-byte alignment on arrays willy-nilly
       A 965b795b8 decrease paddign: gcc-9.3.1 slaps 32-byte alignment on arrays willy-nilly
       A 2fba2f5bb unicode: relax array alignment for tables
       A 33e955ab9 unicode: fix handling of short 1-4 char tables
       A eb773054e libbb: code shrink
       A 6a55b4e40 libbb: introduce and use msleep()
       A b86a9ed69 use write_str() functions where appropriate
       A ec16c030b libbb: introduce and use sleep1()
       A 87bd558f3 libbb: bb_do_delay(3) -> pause_after_failed_login(), and stop looping there
       A 32a8f70ac libbb: in @Seconds date format, use 64-bit time if libc allows
       A 4dee01605 date: tweak --help: -D FMT is used for -s TIME as well
       A 56a5731a1 date: remove non-standard special-casing of date '+%f'
       A f26c5660c date: trim --help (no need to show long opts)
       A 900eae173 date: support -Ins, more compatible timezone display in -I
       A ab6991c6f date: for -uR and -uIh, timezone still have to be shown at +hhmm, not as abbreviation
       A 818a4aa2e fix comments
       A ae04ce82c base32/64: "truncated base64 input" -> "truncated input"
       A 885121e25 libbb: change decode_base32/64 API to return the end of _dst_, not _src_.
       A fc6faac84 libbb: trim base32/64 tables
       A f140b49f5 base32/64: code shrink
       A 7467e905e base32/64: code shrink
       A 2cd37d65e libbb: faster and smaller decode_base32()
       A 170b8628f libbb: smaller and faster decode_base64()
       A dc68a5dda sha3sum: fix --help: -a does not depend on FEATURE_MD5_SHA1_SUM_CHECK
       A cdab3c4fa base32/64: decode in-place
       A c8b3d9a14 base32/64: implement -w COL
       A fc6354935 free: code shrink
       A 20900489a base32: new applet
       A 03eb6eba4 mdev: clear LOGMODE_STDIO only directly before daemonizing
       A cb143b979 uevent: make it survive ENOBUFS
       A 1c9cd9b71 mdev: clean up
       A 768153bf8 mdev: add -v to increase log verbosity
       A e9003caf6 mdev: add syslog logging mode
       A d56003054 mdev: re-initialize if uevent messages were lost
       A e3f475901 mdev: move daemon setup to dedicated function
       A a569fd37f uevent: increase netlink buffer sizes
       A 3cd55d49a mdev: increase netlink buffer sizes
       A 12aa68d10 libbb: set netlink socket revbuf size before binding
       A 9bf4499dd lineedit: fix unicode characters in prompt
       A 4323ac861 libiproute: reuse string constants
       A 2c92d1ec5 volume_id: improve struct layout (smaller offesets, smaller insns on x86)
       A ddfdf68ca fix warning: label 'out1' defined but not used
       A c20e42e32 util-linux: support erofs filesystem
       A bd46f64dc archival: avoid std namespace for local includes
       A 4ac35a30d ash: make interactive ^C break out of PS2 mode
       A dc9c10a7b hush: make interactive ^C break out of PS2 mode
       A efe99b59c syslogd: delay PID file creation until syslogd is ready
       A a4747230a login: update UTMP before forking
       A 5323af7f5 awk: fix dodgy multi-char separators splitting logic
       A 89f063b90 chrt: support for musl C library
       A 64981b4c8 hush: document bugs in [[ =~ ]] comparison
       A a7c065354 shell: update comments on the status of [[ ]] compat
       A b259e97d4 hush: add tests for unquoted < > in [[ ]]
       A d2241f590 shell: better support of [[ ]] bashism
       A 112453acf od: unbreak it
       A 32e1f69ae compat: move hexdump -R functionality to xxd -r
       A e16f7eb59 hush: output bash-compat killing signal names
       A b65d6cb00 hush: do not print killing signal name in `cmd_whihc_dies_on_signal`
       A 079487b48 hexdump: fix dup block comparison
       A dac5b8314 xxd: fix printing of trailing spaces
       A 085f19cdf uudecode: fix possible signed char bug
       A 2496616b0 avoid using strok - eliminates use of hidden global variable
       A 535a50984 httpd: code shrink
       A eecd6f7a6 ip rule: add support for fwmark/fwmask for policy routing
       A 16e82c61d tar: fix fallout of last_char_is(NULL) no longer being allowed
       A a90a54aea udhcp: remove struct packing attribute, eliminates gcc-9.x
       A 689d0650a libbb: shrink recursive_action() by reducing memory pressure
       A 3c3928fc6 tydy up a few uses of recursive_action(), no logic changes
       A 4a0eb0370 gcc-9.x warning fixes
       A aaa0709e7 libbb: do not open-code __errno_location() call
       A 841878e7e shell: remove FAST_FUNC from a static function
       A b1c7a66ca libbb: extend "errno pointer" trick to other than __GLIBC__
       A 6561e0746 mount: support the sizelimit and offset option for loop devices
       A abefc3c27 libbb: fold common64_hash() into its only user
       A bd202a5ec xargs: fix -I SUBSTR behaviour
       A d4dd48f29 shell: add testsuite for "wait $pid" waiting for other tasks
       A 91e11eba6 ash: jobs: Fix waitcmd busy loop
       A 8d5f465a2 ash: jobs: Fix infinite loop in waitproc
       A 777a6357c ash: remove a tentative TODO, it's a wrong idea
       A afb5d8b2d ntpd: fix the case where two replies received at once and first one causes a step
       A a949399d1 httpd: Make Deny/Allow by IP config support optional
       A 4864a6859 httpd: Support caching via ETag header
       A b6efac31d httpd: Don't add Last-Modified header to response
       A 68f75bb9c httpd: Don't add Date header to response
       A b414cdf5b httpd: Update to HTTP/1.1
       A 1a5d6fcbb hwclock: Fix settimeofday for glibc v2.31+
       A a77f3ecf6 grep: for -L, exitcode 0 means files *without* matches were found, closes 13151
       A 5c69ad0ec build system: drop PLATFORM_LINUX
       A 9914d8b86 udhcpc: add support for long options
       A 8a485b0a3 ip address: Add support for "valid_lft" and "preferred_lft" options
       A 31d34f3bd ip: Add support for "noprefixroute" option
       A 39925026f shell: Fix "read -d ''" behavior
       A a088da447 httpd_indexcgi.c: use CSS for odd/even rows
       A 197ae0f9a httpd_indexcgi.c: minimize style CSS
       A 2dd82f465 lsscsi: code shrink
       A 9a2d89927 ntpd: fix refid reported in server mode, closes 13056
       A 06a407c62 networking: support ftp PASV responses not ending with ')'
       A 79a4032ee libbb: shrink last_char_is(), no longer allow NULL string argument
       A 4468c569f domain_codec: optimize dname_dec and convert_dname
       A 051665ef6 crontab: Fix -e with editors saving using renaming strategy
       A d21a63f9f libbb: code shrink in last_char_is()
       A c9fc15359 compare_string_array: code shrink
       A ac79db6a3 procps: code shrink
       A 1f86ecb72 udhcpc: fix a TODO in fill_envp using option scanner
       A acdc8eed8 udhcp: add option scanner
       A fc2ce04a3 wget: fix openssl options for cert verification
       A 79bd7c3f7 acpid: only display -p if supported in usage
       A 05faa6103 dhcpd: remove hardcoded pidfile path
       A 86a633ef9 dpkg: prevent important directories from being removed
       A a16c8ef21 nc_bloaty: support udp broadcast ports
       A c918ea167 Start 1.33.0 development cycle
      C internal/init fea49ca16a22193f210f125a5ad0e931c56df741 9ad2eb9578bbc9ed269d579e7c4d7f9b861148f9
       A 9ad2eb9 Merge pull request #68 from pantavisor/appengine
       A 6070c4e prefix paths and init mode in config
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      C bootloader/u-boot-mainline c1d17bd6a392d58b629c023065fdaf78c037db53 725842f0c4e17ddb319b952b716735d9730120e4
       A 725842f0c4 net/eth-uclass.c: setenv eth addr if random MAC is chosen
      C config/bpi-r64 31504a5da7138e5d76d4929bba454a3b50fe6c50 14e500ae3edfa44bfead9f58de42e5d6b58c5407
       A 14e500a saveenv at start of script to remember random macaddr by uboot
      C internal/init e9fad08a6fbbbf9a059e8c5dca53a9977363e171 fea49ca16a22193f210f125a5ad0e931c56df741
       A fea49ca fix warnings
       A e809c82 move recurring log about download state update to DEBUG level
  24. 03 May, 2022 2 commits
  25. 27 Apr, 2022 1 commit
    • One Cibot Pantacor's avatar
      auto commit of release.xml for daily build · 12aa6e7c
      One Cibot Pantacor authored
      C internal/init e7aa8d5d0ef373a72463be56ec641c53cc8e4d93 e9fad08a6fbbbf9a059e8c5dca53a9977363e171
       A e9fad08 Merge pull request #66 from pantavisor/dm-crypt-perm-rev-fixes
       A 19acca9 disks: fix parsing multiple array entries
       A db7e49c device mappper: re-organize the path structure
       A 0d558af dm-crypt: handle mounting path with perm and rev
      C vendor/nv-tegra-4_9 0db25f147dc62c8b33c6275bbd62cc028de18b96 213711a12d5489325a3341ed311edf12bc40a280
       A 213711a add support for using local NVIDIA_DRIVERS_TARBALL_LOCAL tarball
       A 5bf18c6 update firmware.squashfs
  26. 25 Apr, 2022 1 commit
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      auto commit of release.xml for daily build · dfa2e7ea
      One Cibot Pantacor authored
      C internal/init 5223246b8f8835e1d5044909869d786b7eec7ced e7aa8d5d0ef373a72463be56ec641c53cc8e4d93
       A e7aa8d5 Merge pull request #69 from pantavisor/fix_usermeta_plat_key_callback
       A 8f49c81 add usermeta_plat_key path function to callback set function to avoid undefined behaviour in non-mgmt platforms
  27. 23 Apr, 2022 1 commit
  28. 22 Apr, 2022 1 commit
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      auto commit of release.xml for daily build · 25e348a5
      One Cibot Pantacor authored
      C external/dropbear-pv 581972bebe48cc544675d93d9de604d155fd89e7 c5e95674e9fb2a92906a1b0454f7523ca38dbd4c
       A c5e9567 Merge pull request #11 from pantacor/feature/pventer
       A 30e0aa8 add pventer convenience command to enter containers and execute commands
      C scripts e6e6c413b53ab4438774ae75abcd1c75f88945dd 47ded020c58b14637db618382a1ee10efb9f3ce0
       A 47ded02 build.sh: export pvr repo of factory step 0 as ${ALCHEMY_TARGET_OUT}/${TARGET}.pvr.tgz