Commit c59be86d authored by Alexander (asac) Sack's avatar Alexander (asac) Sack

switch to linux-bpi-r2-owrt kernel

Change-Id: Ia8e7aa8aff4a1f4ebb1047d852f7fa90bb5f8e35
parent 585d3b31
......@@ -51,7 +51,7 @@
<!-- BPI R2 (Bananapi) -->
<project name="pv-vendor-bpi-r2" remote="gitlab" path="vendor/bpi-r2"/>
<project name="pv-config-bpi-r2" remote="gitlab" path="config/bpi-r2"/>
<project name="linux-openwrt-xp" remote="gitlab" path="kernel/linux-openwrt-xp-bpir2" revision="linux-mediatek_mt7623-linux-4.14.105"/>
<project name="BPI-R2-4.14" remote="github" path="kernel/linux-bpi-r1-owrt" revision="4.14-main"/>
<!-- RPI -->
<project name="linux" remote="raspberrypi" clone-depth="10" path="kernel/rpi3" revision="rpi-4.19.y"/>
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