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C internal/init 8996369f6087c9d88aec9f509989fd14c02a859c 2847a8f59860d98a7bbf53ca241ed01be5fdf024
 R 8996369 Merge branch 'status_update' into 'master'
 R 80f6d58 Update device status properly after update
C kernel/rpi3 0ed466d19a1b754b013c2a9a0279bf5a14a32575 5a3f41938f712b507a1bb03df1d3ea9c7c6da8cb
 R 0ed466d19 Allow simultaneous use of JustBoom DAC and Digi
 R 98c3ff347 sound/soc: only first codec is master in multicodec setup
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