Commit d9d2bf3d authored by Aníbal Portero Hermida's avatar Aníbal Portero Hermida
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auto commit from job 158649861 for daily build

  "bsp/build.json": {
    "commit": "35b4768836396921d7964fc7b954ebbbe6e57f06",
    "gitdescribe": "011-rc5-1-g35b4768",
    "pipeline": "158125101",
    "pvrversion": "pvr version 012-3-g618ff901",
    "time": "2020-06-19 15:56:55 +0000"
  "bsp/firmware.squashfs": "0352625c4857bd085cb923e02b4f8a9a89c3f325aac5600c4d1658b85b54e430",
  "bsp/kernel.img": "64f08f135013d17019dca5168589d81a338fd2898db64e74743b53acb91272fc",
  "bsp/modules.squashfs": "615dd5911144cecbc7e4354b4c2994f1a55cb54ecd4d7ff20960d202dacb2525",
  "bsp/pantavisor": "481fa8a7beaf354f4ef40d02ac0ffd222f6159958fde8604d2ab673099afce5b"
parent a96b6db9
Pipeline #159325874 passed with stages
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"device": "rpi0w_initial_latest",
"revision": "84"
"revision": "85"
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