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......@@ -74,6 +74,28 @@ when you take into account Hofstadter's Law."</p>
Computer Science and Engineering, Indian Institute of
Technology, Kanpur.</p>
<p>My friends like to say that I'm a reinvent the wheel
kind of guy. I built this website up from scratch without
using any prebuilt themes, pain as it was to get it
cross compatible. Even for the search functionality, I
wrote my own algorithm (<a href="/algo/">Behind The Scenes</a>)
instead of using the implementations available online
or using google custom search etc. My current operating
system is a finely configured Arch Linux on i3, a tiling
window manager. But that isn't custom enough, and so I am
currently building my own operating system, using the
(B)LFS project.</p>
<p>Ok, now I'm guessing that you agree with my friends.
I may like to reinvent the wheel, but I only do it
because everytime I complete one of my custom projects,
I end up adding a lot to my knowledge. To make this
blog, I learned CSS, HTML5, and a lot of Javascript.
To make the search functionality, I had to learn some
ruby, and NLP in python. The LFS project taught me more
about the linux operating system, than most linux
enthusiasts learn in a lifetime.</p>
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