Commit b61adf6c authored by Yuriy Polyakov's avatar Yuriy Polyakov

Updated the Release Notes

parent 38a9bce5
02/29/2020: PALISADE v1.9.0 (development) is released
* Adds multiple low-level optimizations, including improved Number Theoretic Transform
* Adds a CMake install package for PALISADE
* Improves the security and performance of the PRE implementations for BFV, BGV, and CKKS homomorphic encryption schemes
* Updates selected parameter sets for FHEW to reduce the probability of decryption error
* Includes multiple bug fixes for the issues reported by the PALISADE community
01/30/2020: PALISADE v1.8.0 (development) is released
* Adds the Gama-Izabachene-Nguyen-Xie (GINX) bootstrapping to the FHEW implementation
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