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PALISADE provides many CMake/make configuration options, such as installing specific modules of the library, compiling only libraries w/o any unit tests and demos, choosing the Debug mode for compilation, turning on/off NTL/GMP. These options are described in detail in the following Wiki article:
[Configuration flags to customize the build](
[Instructions for building C++ projects that use PALISADE](Instructions-for-building-projects-that-use-PALISADE)
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12/19/2019: PALISADE v1.7.b is released
* Simplifies the development of applications using PALISADE (only one header file is now needed for most applications)
* Changes the folder hierarchy of the library header files
11/15/2019: PALISADE v1.7.a is released
* Adds an optimized implementation of the CKKS scheme for approximate (real-number) homomorphic encryption. The implementation features automated rescaling/modswitching and hybrid key switching.
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