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3/20/2019: PALISADE v1.5.0 is released
Fixes the vulnerability found in (PKC'19) for the PRE schemes based on BGV/BFV
Adds PRE modes for BGV/BFV that are secure under honest re-reencryption attacks (recommended security for practical use)
Adds support for splitting lattice trapdoor sampling into offline and online phases (used by digital signatures, IBE, and ABE constructions)
Fixes bugs related to the multi-threaded mode of operation
02/11/2018: PALISADE v1.4.1 is released
Fixes a bug affecting the IBE and CP-ABE implementations (some unit tests for IBE/CP-ABE were entering in an infinite loop in about 10% of the runs).
12/31/2018: PALISADE v1.4.0 is released
* Adds the Gentry-Peikert-Vaikuntanathan (GPV) digital signature scheme
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