Commit 45d730a5 authored by Jerry Ryan's avatar Jerry Ryan

rel notes for 1.4

parent e3cb37d5
12/31/2018: PALISADE v1.4.0 is released
* Adds the Gentry-Peikert-Vaikuntanathan (GPV) digital signature scheme
* Adds the GPV identity-based encryption scheme
* Adds the Zhang-Zhang ciphertext-policy attribute-based encryption scheme
* Includes Genise-Micciancio (Eurocrypt'18) lattice trapdoor sampling algorithms and their improvements/generalizations
* Fixes bugs that were brought to our attention
11/26/2018: PALISADE v1.3.1 is released 11/26/2018: PALISADE v1.3.1 is released
* Improves performance of BFVrns * Improves performance of BFVrns
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