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9/12/2019: PALISADE v1.6.0 is released
* Significantly simplifies/automates the build/installation process. Now we use CMake.
* Serialization/deserialization is now much faster (by 3x to 10x). Both binary and JSON formats are supported.
* By default, PALISADE compiles w/o external dependencies in Linux and Windows, i.e., NTL/GMP is now optional for these OSes.
* The performance in Windows is now as fast as in Linux (4x to 7x times faster than previosly).
* Applies several low-level optimizations, and fixes some bugs.
3/20/2019: PALISADE v1.5.0 is released
* Fixes the vulnerability found in (PKC'19) for the PRE schemes based on BGV/BFV
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