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11/15/2019: PALISADE v1.7.a is released
* Adds an optimized implementation of the CKKS scheme for approximate (real-number) homomorphic encryption. The implementation features automated rescaling/modswitching and hybrid key switching.
* Adds an optimized implementation of the FHEW scheme for Boolean-circuit homomorphic encryption, supporting standard HE parameters. Performs bootstrapping for each binary gate, and hence supports the evaluation of arbitrary Boolean circuits.
* Adds the ring dimension as an option when generating crypto contexts for BFV variants.
* Improves the noise growth of the BEHZ variant of BFV (referred to as the BFVrnsB scheme in PALISADE).
* Fixes several bugs.
9/12/2019: PALISADE v1.6.0 is released
* Significantly simplifies/automates the PALISADE build/installation process. Now we use CMake.
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